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Oi, this guy's cheeky. For a while Ty Segall was pretty much solely responsible for making garage rock fun again, releasing an endless slew of hook-heavy jammers that gave into lo-fi with glee. Short and sweet, records like Twins and Goodbye more »

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Ty Segall
Ty Rex

I know Ty Segall is a garage guy etc but I still was surprised to see how much time he's devoted into covering T-Rex songs. The original glam stompers were always an interesting proposition with their oddball song structures and Marc Bolan's quivering voice and they make unusual but perfectly understandable bed fellow...view item »

Ty Segall
Fried Shallots

Being a non Ty Segall fan I am currently saving a whopping £58 per year not buying his endless stream of records. Someone please tell Martin Lewis. However this new 6 track EP from the garage rock rackateer gives its profits to the American Civil Liberties Union -  a charity protecting the civil liberties of people li...view item »

Ty Segall & White Fence

The Second Coming Of Marc Bolan aka Ty Segall releases his umpteenth album, and this one’s a collaboration with fellow retromaniacs White Fence. Joy - the pair’s first LP together since 2012’s Hair - sees the duo sticking to their guns and cranking out fifteen...view item »

Ty Segall

Happy Days! Ty Segall is back! Back with a mammoth 17-song album which sees him return from his patchy recent acoustic diversions to the fuzzy garage pop of albums like 'Melted' and 'Twins'. One thing that's quickly notable this time around is that he seems to be really letting loose and having fun, with the ope...view item »

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin
Reverse Shark Attack

I've heard a few things by Ty Segall this year, most notable being a split with kindred spirits 'Thee Oh Sees'. I'm not sure of the origins of this Kill Shamen LP (is it new or old? I don't know) but i can tell you that it's his best recorded output to date. This may have something to do with it being a collaboration with Mikal Cronin (Okie Dokie a...view item »

Ty Segall
Freedom's Goblin

Freedom’s Goblin, the new album from Ty Segall, is a biggie. 19 tracks that eek out every emotion from the listener on the way. This time out, Segall’s fuzz wraps itself around elements of r’n’b, synths, horns and harmonies, but is still very much Ty Segall...view item »

Ty Segall

This is one of those albums that sounds like it was meticulously produced to sound like it was just thrown together on a 4 track in someone's basement. A closer listen hints at some pretty subtle sonic detailing going on around the edges. Lo-fi is all the rage right now, and there are so many artists who do an awful job with it...but Ty Segall i...view item »

Ty Segall Band

Those of you out there who keep an ear to the garage will already know about Ty Segall, since he’s made quite a name for himself prolifically doling out a series of lo-fi gems over the past few years on the likes of ...view item »

Ty Segall and White Fence

Ty Segall and White Fence are two of the finest oddballs from the United States making that lo-fi garage pop that's all over the place at the moment. Segall shits out catchy scratchy ...view item »

The Traditional Fools
The Traditional Fools

Who doesn’t like Ty Segall? Nobody worth knowing, from my experience. The hardworking garage dynamo has built up a reputation and body of work in the past five years that most would be happy to achieve in twice that time through relentless touring ...view item »

Ty Segall
Ty Segall

The most used word on my work review .doc is “riff”. It is entirely Ty Segall’s fault. Releasing a record every five or so months in an impossible psychedelic tango with Thee Oh Sees, he’s proven himself the champion of a heavy rawk guitar hook over and over -- Ty Rex, a record of ...view item »

Ty Segall
Singles 2007-2010

Ty Segall does it again! This is the first of many singles collections by Ty Segall. He still continues to be one of the most prolific and best artists in modern rock. This album features 27 tracks of Ty Segall's best work. Highlights for me include "Standing at the station","It" and "Cents". The album also features some demo's which add some gr...view item »

The Traditional Fools
Fools Gold

Who are these fools? They’re damn fools. It sounds old but it’s not that old; it’s scattershot and punk and psychedelic too. It sounds like garage rock if it were recorded in a garage. The serendipity. Aight, I guess by now it’s obvious: this is Ty Segall’s old band, ...view item »

Ty Segall
Emotional Mugger

Ty Segall constitutes one of those gaping failings in my understanding of garage rock ‘n’ psychedelia, mostly because I’m daunted by his triumphant back catalogue of several million albums, oddities, covers albums and, you know, so on. ‘Emotional Mugger’, though, is a lucid piece of guitar pop, full of fun and snark...view item »

Ty Segall
Goodbye Bread

Ty Segall's newie is a farewell to '80s comedy classic "Bread" in which a family of lovable Liverpudlians try to make their way through the veritable minefield that was Thatcher's Britain. Who knew that this show would have such an impact on both sides of the Atlantic. It must have l...view item »

Ty Segall
Singles 2

Ty Segall RAISED THE ROOF at the Brudenell Social Club last week. That’s what Mike said anyway. I was at home nursing a Bourbon cream and boiling the kettle for the hot water bottle to go in. Here is volume 2 of Ty Segall’s ‘Singles’ collection and he’s as fuzzy as ever churning about with some catchy garage rock wi...view item »

Ty Segall

There are a lot of big records out this week but there again Ty Segall seems to release a record every week, if its not him its the bloody Thee Oh Sees. It seems like mere seconds since ‘Twins’ was released and already we have another one to forage through and its a much more reflective introverted ...view item »

Ty Segall

How can a band be so damn prolific but also responsible for so many consistently great records? Segall is kinda like The Stones to fellow travellers Thee Oh Sees’ Beatles, to carv...view item »

Ty Segall / Black Time

Yes yes yes! Didn't realise this little baby even existed! This is the second (and final) pressing of a split between everyone's favorite Californian scuzz rocker Ty Segall and excellent brit-garage winners Black Time. The seven Ty tracks here are fully punishing lo-fi garage rock efforts with opener 'Schwag' and a bad-ass cover of The Avengers ...view item »

Ty Segall

Because the fruit equivalent of garage punk is in fact lemons -- citrus is full of lo-fi potential, don't you know -- Ty Segall once called a thing Lemons, and this is that thing. This smattering of psych melds '60s melodies with atmospherics of a dystopian decade that has yet to come. ...view item »

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