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Floating Points

Floating Points presents 2 nice side-long cuts that continue his exciting evolution into expansive full-band electronic jams. Both Kuiper and the B-side track ‘For Marmish Part II’ are compositions with lots of room for change and growth, the band clearly as hypnotised as the listener by the pulsing momentum...view item »

Floating Points

Sam Shepherd, or as we know and love him, Floating Points made a bit of a statement with his 2015 debut album, Eleana. He followed that up with Reflections - Mojave Desert, a soundtrack to a short film. With his latest release, Ratio, he is returning to his earlier days when he made dancefloor-rea...view item »

Floating Points
Reflections - Mojave Desert

My my, how the Floating Points project has grown and travelled. These days, Sam Shepherd’s production alias is a full band, who all headed to the Mojave Desert to record the first in a planned series of Reflections records. Field recordings of the environment are blended into surprisingly rockish ...view item »

Floating Points

A major statement here from Floating Points. Elaenia is a full-length record that spans everything the producer / composer has done so far. Jazz, Soul, and Brazilian music are just as important to the sound of Elaenia as the electronic dance tracks most know Floating Points for. At times remini...view item »

Floating Points
Nuits Sonores / Nectarines

Floating Points takes the deep house genre tag a little too literally on "Nuits Sonores", stretching out to ten minutes of propulsive rhythms and slight melodies that quietly shift their way onto the dance-floor, as if replicating the first fish walking up onto land. This stunning, immense and eve...view item »

Maalem Mahmoud Guinia, Floating Points & James Holden

Lovely stuff here from the one-off group of James Holden, Floating Points, and Moroccan Gnawa master Maalem Mahmoud Guinia (plus his band). Recorded next to a hotel pool, the session sounds remarkably open, no party seeking to dominate but only to integrate their styles. Four tracks, vinyl relea...view item »

Floating Points
King Bromeliad / Montparnasse

We’re woefully short of decent electronic music to tell you about this week but this Floating Points 12” is sort of filling the hole. Its dead minimal soft techno music which doesn’t build as such but uses subtle shifts in dynamics to make its point. I really like the sporadic vocal samples which glide in and out of the...view item »

Floating Points
Sparkling Controversy

Chill but deep house dude Floating Points has dropped an unexpected single-sided 12" on our heads with 'Sparkling Controversy', which is coming courtesy of Eglo Records. The self-titled track takes "Arp 3", an old Floating Points tune that appeared on the 'Shadows' EP, as its cue, and dubs it up. It makes for a very chill excursion ind...view item »

Floating Points
J & W Beat

Floating Points I've not heard of before but they have a 12" out this week on Planet Mu that sounds quite appealing. On 'J&W Beat' There's a nice garage shuffle to the beats with some sweet little synthesizer melodies that recall early Plaid. A funky, playful and enjoyable little tune with a nice happy vibe. The flipside is similar in styl...view item »

Floating Points

New five track EP (double 12” in gate-fold - sassy) from Sam Shepard a.k.a Floating Points. Highly sophisticated jazz/funk influenced dance that was probably produced with home listening in mind, as opposed to dance-floor domination. I've always found Shepard's stuff to be very matu...view item »

Floating Points
Post Suite / Almost In Profile

This is a bit of an unexpected move from Sam Shepherd, assembling a full line up of musicians instead of electronics. Recorded and mixed at Abbey Road studios the team of musicians play violin, viola, cello, flute, sax, trumpet, guitar, drums and Sam himself on synths and Fender Rhodes. Expect to hear super slick production and jazzy downtempo s...view item »