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Quicksand / Cradlesnakes

A highly original outfit. I think Califone, on occasions, sound like Sparklehorse combined with the best elements of post-rock (experimental and quirky, but not too self-indulgent) and a small dose of trip-hop. Quicksand/Cradlesnake establishes Califone as an ambitious band with the songwriting chops to back up its penchant for studio strangenes...view item »


“Stitches” is more structured than previous albums. The best way of describing their sound is to say that if they sound like anyone, they sound a bit like Wilco. And on this album they sound more like Wilco than ever before. Two songs here make the album worthwhile: “Frosted Tips” is a great song, much more straight-forwa...view item »

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

This is the kind of record that reinvigorates the album as a relevant form, as its accomplishment builds with repeated listening. Tim Rutili is one of the most underrated singer-songwriters in indie music, in my opinion. With All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, the band achieves a mature, fully realised project, blending cooling Studebaker radia...view item »


A 15 year anniversary reissue of the 2001 album by Califone. Mixing up blues and country with a lo-fi, recorded out in the barn feel. Stomping blues licks and slides, dusty tape saturation, and subtle manipulations that bring a texture to the whole. Sound like Six Organs of Admittance playing quiet, reflective b...view item »

Heron King Blues (Deluxe Reissue)

Califone’s “Heron King Blues” opens with a blend of the anachronistic: swampy blues on “Wingbird” and more current experimentation: Steve Reich-ish plinks and plonks are drowned in feedback towards the end of “Trick Bird”. This mix continues throughout the album: “Lio...view item »

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