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Thou claim greater influence from 90s proto-grunge groups like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden than contemporaries like EYEHATEGOD, a band to whom the Baton Rouge outfit are frequently compared. Magus - Thou’s first LP since 2014’s Heathen - lands s...view item »

Rhea Sylvia

Rhea Sylvia, the first of three EPs that Baton Rouge group Thou will release before 2018 is out, is so bloody loud. Goodness gracious it’s loud. Oh me oh my is this one loud. Hooooo boy. Their combination of various heavy metals - mainly s...view item »

The Body & Thou
Released From Love / You, Whom I Have Always Hated

If you liked either or both of the excellent, brutally heavyweight collaborative albums put out in the last few years by The Body and Thou, now you can own the pair of them in one double LP set! Released From Love and You, Whom I Have Always Hated are both excellent blackened statements of inte...view item »


Vendetta presents the new record from Thou, which turns out to be the most melodic work to date from the band. Worth mentioning though that they are a sludge band in love with gargantuan riffs and seas of distortion, so don’t go expecting prettiness. Heathen rises and falls slowly and inexorably, like a trail of m...view item »

Great Falls / Thou

Available on 7” vinyl on Hell Comes Here. Split 7” with Thou and Great Falls each taking a side and covering a different Shellac tune in their own heavy ways. Thou brutalise Prayer to God while Great Falls tackle Wingwalker. Limited...view item »

The Body & Thou
You, Whom I Have Always Hated

I have always loved The Body’s choices of titles, and with this album I think they may have surpassed themselves: You, Whom I Have Always Hated, how fantastic. This is a collaborative release with fellow heavy experimentalists Thou, and it brings appropriate amounts of bleak crushing metal-weight....view item »

We Pass Like Night, From Land To Land

I just had this 7" to review but it was rubbish so we've sacked it off. Offering a variety of contrasts with that unnamed atrocity is an atrocity of a different kind, the sleeve offering pleasant images of bleak forests, wooden gallows and crow-pecked corpses. Nasty. But kinda cool, yeah? MetAAAAAAAL! Yeah so this is another split LP on Vendetta in...view item »


OK we're halfway through a split LP and I've just been informed I'm to review it. Thou's side was on before and from what I remember of the land of ten minutes ago it was a pained voyage through sludge metal landscapes ending in a post-rocky string fadeout. It was pretty good! It's always a nice change to get a bit of metal on the stereo. Salome ha...view item »