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Be Aware Of Your Limitations (Live at Roadburn 2017)

We have UK exclusive on this pressing of 300 copies of Gnod's incendiary live set at Roadburn in 2017. The Manchester collective were artists in residence at the festival and this is one of four shows they played. Consisting of two near twenty minute side long jams, their inventive nihilistic first set that day ...view item »

Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine

The mighty Mancunian GNOD juggernaut rolls ever onwards with a fierce five-strack statement, potently titled Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine. The music bites as hard as the righteous title, with repeato-riffs pushi...view item »

Temple Ov BBV
Temple Ov BBV

Temple Ov BBV, named for a Dutch psychedelic scientist who drilled a hole in his own skull (BBV stands for ‘Brain Blood Volume’), is the matching up of the ferocious Gnod with Holland’s Radar Men From The Moon. These four intricate suites of psych-strangeness a...view item »

Chapel Perilous

Working out in Eindhoven, shapeshifting Salford racket warriors Gnod had time and space to construct two pulverising tracks that they had already been playing on the road, plus sculpted further material more abstract in nature. The result is an invigorating album of furious riffs and bleak dubbed out soundsca...view item »

GNOD & Anthony Child
Behind The Lids

Anthony Child AKA Surgeon was a fan of Manchester’s Gnod for a long time, finally got in touch and began a small collaboration. Noisy, droning pieces that show Gnod’s krautrock influences and mixed with Surgeon’s modular dirt shift it from a me...view item »

Chaudelande Volume 1

Everyone loves Gnod right? These Manchester lads have got the balance between freeform improvised, Krautrock groove and cosmic Space Rock down to a fine art with tons of sweet self-released Tapes/CD'S and a couple of LP's (including a split with White Hills) to prove it. Prior to their ...view item »

Chaudelande Volume 2

Woop woop! The last volume of these whacked out Gnod jams was so fuckin' good we made it album of the week a month or so back, so we're understandably all pretty stoked to get our mitts on this second bong-fueled instalment to complete the ride. Upon dropping the needle there's drifting ritua...view item »


One for those of you who feel hate in dark ambient and everything that goes with it and maybe everything in the world: this record is made terrifying by Gareth Smith, known in his musical ghost form as Vanishing, plus a roster of guests of vampiric psychedelia from Paddy Shine (your boy of Gnod) and the excellent...view item »

Infinity Machines

When was the last time you saw a triple album that was named Volume 1? Well Gnod have never been too concerned with what is ordinary, and frankly the prospect of almost two straight hours of incantatory-heavy-psych-dub-electric-noise-rock-weirdo madness should excite you greatly. Welcome to Infinity Machines (Volume...view item »

Live at Roadburn

Documentation of Manchester’s finest playing a potent live show at Tilburg’s Roadburn Festival, back in 2012. GNOD are in heavy-psych mode here, building up dense walls of forward-marching motorik sludge and riding the wave till it collapses. Excellent that this set is being circulated on vinyl! Edition of 3...view item »


More new music from the ever-adventurous Gnod, in the form of 3 stretched-out tracks. Politically-generated rage was the key to the creation of the tracks on Mirror, and the ferocious momentum and bruised anger they carry will prove infectious. Both vinyl and CD versions are packed in mirrorboard sleeves, and the CD / d...view item »


This is Li'l Bi's review for the original wax of Vol. 1 Everyone loves Gnod right? These Manchester lads have got the balance between freeform improvised, Krautrock groove and cosmic Space Rock down to a fine art with tons of sweet self-released Tapes/CD'S and a couple of LP's (including a split with White Hills) to prove it. Prior to th...view item »

Gnod / Gammelfleisch
Mental Power - Phonographic Selfhypnosis

The ever-popular deep space techno rock shapeshifters Gnod celebrate going on tour with noiseniks Gammelfleisch by dropping this hypnotism-themed split LP with pasted covers and hand-stamped bright orange LPs. Gnod's side follows the theme of the artwork nicely, with samples from hypnosis records interspersed with minimal, slowly morphing synth ...view item »

A Somnambulists Tale

On this Gnod record there's a spooky atmospheric loop with xylophones and synth xylophones underpinning the first side like a Philip Glass horror soundtrack and there's a sample of a man rambling on just too quiet to make out properly and there's a typewriter clicking away and then there's some synth panpipes...view item »

Presents... Dwellings & Druss

I just reviewed an ambient record by Dirty Beaches, and now I’ve got a bit of dark techno from Gnod, I’m starting to feel like I’m in some kind of alternate universe, although to be fair Gnod’s last offering on that split with Shit & Shine was more than hinting at a bit of a techno d...view item »

Gnod / Shit & Shine
Collisions 03

Here we have a very limited and slightly confusing split LP from repeato-psych bastards Gnod and Shit & Shine, who each deliver their own side-long track, &lsquo...view item »

5th Sun

Ah, Gnod. We’re rather fond of these trans-Pennine bong riffers here at the ‘Towers. Here in my hand I’ve got their new 7” on the reliable psych-murk-merchants Trensmat...view item »


Gnods latest offering is as droney and repetitive as you like. It has a motorik rhythm section which is quite pummeling actually, and the sonics are kind of kept together by it. It's quite brooding and has a definite krautrock feel...krautrock played by drugged up hippies. The song kicks off with a drone that comes straight from Satan's bottom, ...view item »

Gnod / A Middle Sex

Right. I got excited by this one & rightly so. Gnod knocked my spotty socks off with their self-titled album last year and the A Middle Sex guys are some of the friendliest musicians I've ever stood with, chatted to & smoked tabs alongside in my life. I'll start with them, the Manchester-based lads, as I'm already immersed in their echo-...view item »

Gnod/ Robedoor

This is a review to encompass all of the Bored Fortress 2010 singles club set: Something quite special here which has made me go all gooey just handling the things. When the Not Not Fun singles club comes around I'm a happy man and this year is no exception. The deal here is that you can either score any of the singles individuall...view item »

Gnod / White Hills
Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II

This is good...a collaborative effort from Manchester's finest bongster's Gnod and New York bad boyz White Hills. Both experts in the field of mongy psychedelic rock with propulsive kraut tendencies, they are the perfect match for a full on space rock assault! They should have called themselves TEAM: SPACEROCK...i'd have really liked that....view item »

Gnod LP 01

After being substituted something less than memorable for a remarkable looking LP by Gnod, I now find myself trawling the interweb for further info on this 9 piece Mancunian collective. Seems they've a sense of humour what with members named Mary Ploppins & Neil the Fish. The first track i'm playing has this kind of space rock pulse thang happe...view item »

Wuste Zeremonie

Gnod create space drone and other-worldly noise compositions in the vein of Sun-Ra Orkestra if they hung out and partied with Hawkwind. 'Wuste Zeremonie' is totally mongy and reminds me of the queer feeling associated with acid flashbacks! I reckon they are probably from Manchester and are more-likely-than-not mates with the awesome A Middle Sex. T...view item »