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The Thread That Keeps Us

The Thread That Keeps Us is album number 9 from Arizona duo Calexico. This album finds the band newly inspired by the North Californian coast where it was recorded. Taking all we know and love about Calexico, giving it a rougher edge, and increasingly confident songwriting has helped Joey Burns and John Converti...view item »

Naïm Amor & John Convertino
The Western Suite and Siesta Songs

The Western Suite and Siesta Songs is the 2016 instrumental southwestern album by duo Naïm Amore & John Convertino. Majestic vistas and long stretches of scorching desert road are the images conjured up by the duo's finely crafted arrangements, including the famous lap-steel guitar - a defining cha...view item »

Calexico / Iron and Wine
In The Reins

A decade ago, the indie-sphere’s two favourite purveyors of folk-country-americana, Calexico and Iron & Wine, teamed up for In The Reigns, a half-hour collaborative EP. The harmonies that the singers collectively conjure up are marvelous, and the arrangements sound like a band who’ve kno...view item »

Cumbia De Donde

Limited (1000 copies) two-track 7” from the pan-cultural US outfit helmed by Joey Burns and John Convertino. The A side “Cumbia De Donde” features the vocal of Amparo Sanchez and is from ninth album ‘Edge Of The Sun’ (City Slang). On the flip is the non-album cut “Worn Right Thru”. Atmospheric and stirri...view item »

Edge Of The Sun

This is a new Calexico album, right? The band who have long held the honour of having one of their album sleeves pride of place above my toilet are back and they've brought a multitude of formats with them. You can get it on single CD or double CD. LP or double LP  with extra etchings. It's not out 'til April so you have plenty of time to c...view item »

Hot Rail (Deluxe Edition)

This CD rocks. It opens up with a sweeping, cinematic trumpet that drops you in the Sonoran Desert where it's 110 degrees and you're thirsty as hell, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and about to go hit the nearest hacienda for some watermelon cooler and tequila. Yes, it's that vivid. Hot Rail continually pokes and prods the boundaries of indie-rock/al...view item »


Calexico have been knocking ‘em out for years now. They’ve been together for 22 years which in this modern day fickle music industry is a remarkable thing! I thought they’d done a good 10-15 albums but it’s only six studio albums p...view item »

Ancienne Belgique - Live in Brussels 2008

It's important for alt-country bands to be in Belgium performing live at some point in their lifespans (maybe), and that's eactly what Calexico managed to do with Ancienne Belgium. This record captures the band' in 2008 at a point of established maturation, their twang well enforced and their instrumental...view item »

Feast of Wire (Deluxe Edition)

Calexico have always been good, I started listening to this band with their Black Light album which got under my skin. Songs like "Fade", made me realise their brilliance. Their music has always struck a chord with me. The one criticism I've had is that it veered too much into the spaghetti western although it was some of what they did best. With F...view item »

The Black Light

Imagine a soundtrack to a movie co-directed by Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers and you'll be somewhere close to how this record sounds. Dark tales of violence and desperation from the small towns straddling straddling the US - Mexican border, interspersed with Tex-Mex and spaghetti-westernish instrumentals evoke a noirish atmosphere that...view item »

Alone Again Or

I think Calexico might have gone down the dustpipe. Any regular listeners of Radio 2 will notice that their strikingly ...lets say... faithful rendition of Love's 'Alone Again Or' has been exploding from the airwaves on a regular basis. Well its a flipping excellent song but does the world need ...view item »


Calexico's early work has some of the same melodies they elaborated on later in their career, recorded either at home or in a makeshift studio actually adds to the flavour of this album and makes it a must have for Calexico fans. Lot of drums and guitar duets, very cool. This is not the lush cinematic Calexico of the other albums, this is much more...view item »

Hot Rail

“Hot Rail” begins with Calexico’s dusty, tex-mex sound: Acoustic guitars and mariachi brass on the instrumental “El Picador”. This album contains two of Calexico’s best songs, the first of which being “The Ballad of Cable Hogue”, named after the Sam Peckinpah film. Th...view item »

Lali Puna, Calexico, Primal Scream, Various
Pepperrd With Spastic Magic

I was firstly attracted by the artwork and surprised and a little suspicious to see it was not a Warp release. I was intrigued to see what TLS would make of remixing these commercial tracks such as Texas and Starsailor and quite frankly they are far more enjoyable than the original. As in usual TLS style, this is a sophisticated album pulsating ...view item »

Garden Ruin

am armed with a new Calexico album. It's their 5th apparently if you're interested. A rather somber alt country affair with it sounding a little more polished and mainstream than previous releases. I suspect if you're a fan of Calexico then you'll love this but I really can't see them winning over many new fans with this. I'm ...view item »

Mark Kozelek, Calexico, Various
I Am Cold Rock, I Am Dull Grass Will Oldham Tribut

Greetings from thee Ant. I recall way back in 1994 or maybe 1993 hearing 'Ohio River Boat Song' by The Palace Brothers. A friend played it to me (Hi Jim) and although it was a million miles away from the kind of Albini produced racket I was listening to at the time, I really loved it. I'd never heard Country...view item »

Black Heart

City Slang have released a 6 track EP by Calexico. Well actually the CD is 7 tracks as it includes some enhanced nonsense. Primarily a remix project as it has remixes by lots of people who remix things. People such as Jazzanova (has to be the worst name ever...), ISO68, Weschel Garland, Panoptica ...view item »

Calexico & Iron and Wine
In the Reins

Speaking of Iron and Wine  - here is the new collaborative effort between Iron and Wine and Calexico on Touch and Go Records. Its a hit and miss effort but the hits are worth the admission price alone. Opener 'He Lays in the Reins' is a superb Iron and Wine tune with some fantastic instrumentation - ...view item »

Feast of Wire

Here's Calexico with a new album on City Slang. A band that everyone seems to like though I've never heard them before ever despite working in a record store for 2 years. Oh well. The fellers from these have been in all sorts of bands in the past like Giant Sand and...oh...i can't remem...view item »

Lambchop, Tortoise, Calexico, Various
Grand Slang

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