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L.B. Dub Corp
Side Effects

You may know Luke Slater best from his work in Planetary Assault Systems, but he also has a side-hustle in the form of techno project L.B. Dub Corp. Side Effects, the first LBDC release since 2013’s Unknown Origin LP for Ostgut Ton, has turned up on Slate...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
Deep Heet Vol. 4

Mote Evolver have given us reason to celebrate: it's a new EP from Luke Slater under his Planetary Assault Systems alias! Deep Heet Vol. 4 is an EP containing no fewer than 4 (four) cuts of Slater's particular brand of highly rhythmic techno. Minimal grooves galore! Limited edition transparent splatter vinyl!...view item »

Roog Unit
Mesh EP

Roog Unit is the new moniker for Luke Slater (Planetary Assault Systems) and Ashley Burchett (Ø [Phase]/Epoch). With both being standards in the British techno scene for a long time (Slater stated in the 80s) this team up is set to provid...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
The Light Years Reworks

The Light Years Reworks is a six-sided music collaboration from Planetary Assault Systems. Described as ‘injecting the spirit of classic P.A.S. into new sonic organisms’ that contains a great blend of experimental house and techno, alongside droning ambient sounds an...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
Arc Angel

Big techno man Luke Slater provides Ostgut Ton and yourselves with some more melodically-leaning techno machinations beamed in from the outer heliosphere. We say melody, but you've got deep drones, alien synth lines and haywire arps all tuned to twisted perfection. They've even thrown in a download of the continuous album mix too. The ...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series (Part 2)

Luke Slater clearly knows that whenever he straps on his Planetary Assault Systems alias, things are going to get potent. They’d have to with such an excellent, large-scale name. Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series (Part 2) is loaded with a fierce space-techno tune called ‘Kat’, prese...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series (Part 1)

Planetary Assault Systems take a (re)imaginative look back at their archives for the inaugural entry in the Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series. ‘Dungeon’ is a driving 1997 cut, presented in original form and as a remix by ø [Phase]...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
The Eyes Themselves

Another solid piece of work from genre defining techno producer Luke Slater. ‘The Eyes Themselves’ is a gentle progression of sonic elements that gradually propels the listener into a tight wall of sound before bringing them gently back down to earth with layers of clean, captivating sound engineering and tastefully introduced, irreg...view item »

L.B. Dub Corp
Unknown Origin

One of my all time favourite techno producers finally unleashes a full length as LB Dub Corp, seven years after he debuted the alias on his own Mote-Evolver label. LB Dub Corp differs to the fierce sci-fi techno he creates as Planetary As...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
Future Modular EP

‘Future Modular’ sees Luke Slater in fine form under his much loved P.A.S alias on his very own Mote Evolver label. I'm guessing from the EP's title that he's been twiddling away with a modular synth setup. I tell ya folk are dropping like flies with that Euro Rack virus that's going around. So anywa...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
The Messenger

This is Luke Slater's latest blast of non conformist absurdest techno. Aimed at both club and home listening it's a veritable barrage of bleeps and bloops, micro beats, eerie outer space type futuristic sounds and thumping bass kicks. The aim is apparently to use sounds not normally prese...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
Temporary Suspension

Luke Slater is a man on a mission to save techno and much to his devotees joy he's returned to his sacred Planetary Assault Systems guise with a monster of an album in the form of 'Temporary Suspension' for Berlin techno mecca club Berghain's in-house label Ostgut Ton. Part of the charm of his PAS stuff was the slightly rough around the edges ru...view item »