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Disco Inferno Vinyl, CD & tapes by Disco Inferno at Norman Records

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Disco Inferno

This was the final missive from Disco Inferno before they split in 1995 and emerged after a tumultuous time for the band after they had their gear stolen which basically contained all the material they were working on. Still, the band regrouped and made an album that was a lot more straightforward than the previous wildly inventive DI Go Pop yet contained a series of stellar songs including worldwide-hit-that-never-was 'It's A Kids World'.   

Disco Inferno
In Debt

A reissue of the debut album of Disco Inferno is something to be celebrated: Disco Inferno remain one of the most original and impressive post-rock bands to have ever been active. In Debt introduces their mixture of radical sampling processes and smart songcraft. These CD and 2LP reissues on Rocket Girl come with a bonus track, new artwork, and Neil Kulkarni sleevenotes.

Ian Crause (Disco Inferno)
The Vertical Axis / The Song of Phaeton

Ian Crause was of course the more grumpy singer in Disco Inferno  - a kind of post rock Jack Dee if you will. This is the first vinyl pressing of his two post Disco Inferno solo albums which sees him making (if it's possible) even more radical work than he did during his band's heyday. A totally unique artist and these limited pressings are not to be missed.   

Disco Inferno
D. I. Go Pop

Ah right then, you are asking me to write an impartial product description on this album? Not going to happen. What we have is one of the most forward thinking records of the '90s. A place where Joy Division, Public Enemy, MBV and Young Gods collide to create a barrage of fury and ambience and song craft and sample-delia that no-one has yet got near.  

Disco Inferno
The 5 Eps

Disco Inferno were an incredibly creative but short-lived band who splurged out a series of excellent records in the early 90s before disappearing in a haze of smoke before they could get the full credit they deserved. They were fond of an EP and this release collects five of these mini-masterpieces showcasing how their sound had evolved from atmospheric Joy Division-esque beginnings to their later hugely influential sampledelic innovations. Stunning and deeply affecting music.  
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