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Sleep's Holy Mountain

Well yeah, Sleep. Lords of weed chords and at least 99% responsible for every single metal band that has the word bong in their name. Masters of that thing that most stoner bands immediately forgot after listening -- that all this gloomy, low-end bravado needs to be complemented with sweet, innately good riffs. ‘Holy Mountain’ is pre...view item »

The Clarity

At the Southern Lord dinner party a moderately high Greg Anderson cornered the variously high members of Sleep and asked them if they’d make a new record. Amidst five thousand separate stifled yawns, they all agreed to get some riffs and fills on wax, resulting in ‘The Clarity’, a literal nine minutes and fifty one seconds of s...view item »

The Sciences

Sleep have been absent from our lives for an incredibly long time -- 2003, at the latest, as it was when the real, good and true version of 'Dopesmoker' came out -- and may be surprised to learn that things have changed. People still love weed, I'll give them that, but like, this is 2018; no one's getting high and listening to stoner metal now t...view item »

Volume One

Sleep’s first record arrived when doom metal was an embryonic wee one, still afflicted with the memory of Black Sabbath and their nasal pantomime performances. ‘Volume One’ takes after ye olde sound in order to construct a new one, squealing out particularly metuhl riffs with plenty of stra...view item »

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