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James Ferraro
Four Pieces For Mirai

Former Skater and hypnagogic king James Ferraro presents a new chunk of work this year, in the form of four-part epic: this release, Four Pieces For Mirai, offers a preview of the larger work. A jumpy swirl of audio datas, with fleeting appearances of all sorts of genres, creates a powerful and ultra-mo...view item »

James Ferraro

Former the Skaters chap and actual skater James Ferraro has forged an idiosyncratic path over the last few years producing a dazzling array of musical styles and in fact winning the coveted the Wire Album of the Year in 2011. 'Rerex' is a wildly ambitious three hour extravaganza using cheap casios, loops and found sounds to lull...view item »

James Ferraro

Now our Li’l Biz has long sung the praises of big-haired pop culture vulture James Ferraro but she’s busy on the boxes today so it’s up to me, something of a Ferraro novice, to tackle his new one ‘Sushi’. Ferraro is a pla...view item »

James Ferraro
Skid Row

Skid Row is James Ferraro’s follow up to the 2013 album NYC Hell 3 a.m. Like its predecessor, Skid Row is an exercise in neo-brutalism, here however, he has thrown his own deconstructed versions of thrash, modern classical and country music into the mix. The album was recorded in L.A. and the lyr...view item »

James Ferraro
On Air

Weirdly, I've another old-sounding synth-based album. That's four in a row. Am I mister synth-geek for the week? I don't mind remotely and I'm also quite chuffed to be the recipient of the new James (Jim) Ferraro album as this particular sometime mustachioed nutcase is normally the r...view item »

James Ferraro
Rapture Adrenaline (& Extra "Welcome To Candyland" Exclusive Interview)

I got this on VHS last year for some stupid price (28 duckets i believe...thanks David K) so I was mildly bummed to discover a DVD with bonus material was gonna hit us anytime - mainly 'cause my VHS player is now fucked...shouldn't have played that moldy copy of Teen Wolf I taped off tel...view item »

James Ferraro

James Ferraro is back with this new CD ‘NYC, HELL, 3:00AM’, and it’s one of his darker efforts, mixing up cracked, blackened digital ambience, flickering samples, twitching synths grinding mechanically against sparse touches of warm jazzy brass and the occasional bit of skewed r’n&rsquo...view item »

James Ferraro

Discovery is the sister album to Clear, James Ferraro's 'tropical drones concept' LP which came out a couple of weeks back, a fact underlined by the face that they've both got exactly the same artwork apart from one different word (some copies of Discovery came with the wrong sleeve, so the printers were obviously a bit confused themselves). I'm su...view item »

James Ferraro
Farside Virtual

Jimi Jimi Jimi!!! Always excited to hear the results of any new Farraro POP ART obsessed experiments. The fuzzy headed one has clearly gone waaay beyond the scrap-book concepts that characterised early tape/CD-R releases as well as his contributions to eastern psych-prov pioneers Skaters....view item »

James Ferraro

Hey, another week, another James Ferraro release. I thought that Multitopia LP last week was proper ace but it was a packed week for the old recommendations and you can't put him in there every time now, can you? Citrac is limited to 400 copies and contains two albums: Postremo Techno Mundus Symposium and Alternative Soundtrack to Digital Overdrive...view item »

James Ferraro

Funnily enough I was listening to a James Ferraro LP at home last night and thoroughly enjoyed it so it makes me happy to have 'Clear' to review. This is his "tropical drones concept" and it's a super chilled listen. Its peaceful, tranquil vibes are totally blissing me out. It reminds me a little of some early electronic music/synth stuff and ha...view item »

James Ferraro
Night Dolls With Hairspray

Damn! This is a fun record. James Ferraro returns with probably his most consistent and ridiculous LP to date: 'Night Dolls With Hairspray'. This one sees our man Ferraro exploring the inner sanctum of the teenage psyche with a collection of tracks that sound like all the crazy music they used to use to accompany MTV ads and animations in the 19...view item »

James Ferraro
Last American Hero

James Ferraro returns for more hypnogogic fun with 'Last American Hero', a musical vision I am more than willing to indulge in. Essentially made up of three tracks (one long tune on the A-side and two on the B-side), side A's 'F-150 as Energy Drink Worship Temple/F-150 Night Eros at the Highway's End' is definitely a favourite Ferraro composition. ...view item »

James Ferraro

I was kinda excited when a big box of vinyl arrived from Olde English Spelling Bee over in the US. I've got a few records on the label and have been wanting to get hold of more for quite some time so I'm thrilled to report we're now dealing with them.... Since the "Hypnagogic Pop" article in the Wire a bit ago it seems that James Ferraro'...view item »

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