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Thought Forms / Esben And The Witch

We have a split LP here from two bands you already like, so I shouldn't have to work too hard to sell this one to you. I'm listening to the Thought Forms side right now, it's got four songs on it. They do a shimmering kind of post-rock/doom/dreampop thing and if you've not heard their albums you should investigate them. Their side starts off in ...view item »

Thought Forms
Songs About Drowning

Thought Forms, one of Bristol’s finest experimental song outfits for many years now, release their third full-length album. Songs About Drowning, which features bonus bass player Jim Barr (of Portishead...view item »

Thought Forms
Ghost Mountain

‘Ghost Mountain’ is a superbly heady mix of full on doom rock drone and effects laden MBV style indie rock, on first listen I’m blown away by the ease of transition from one style to the other and after a while I feel like it just works perfectly, if you can imagine ...view item »

Thought Forms
Only Hollow

This is one of those 7”s that’s a different speed on each side, so I’m reviewing the B side first because it’s the 33rpm one. It’s quite a lengthy piece of dirge-doom jamming with howling vocals, slow pounding drums and drawn out walls of guitar fuzz, like Harvey Milk partaki...view item »

Thought Forms
Thought Forms

'Thought Forms' is a CD by erm...Thought Forms who've not actually got it together to think of, or form a title for their (debut?) CD on Invada. It starts of with some drifting feedback, tones, textures and tentative plucking and manipulation of rock style instrumentation that goes on for quite a while in a progressive improv space jam ambient styl...view item »