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King Creosote And Jon Hopkins
Diamond Mine

Having tuned in out of guilt to the Radcliffe and Maconie show the other night following its Radio 2 cancellation (preposterous), I was reminded of King Creosote's 'You've No Clue Do You' which is a fine slice of pop, I'd forgotten how near the mainstream he'd reached at one point. So I was interested to hear this collaboration with hardest work...view item »

Jon Hopkins

Singularity is the first Jon Hopkins record since his breakthrough opus Immunity and he has made it in such a way that you are meant to listen to it in one sitting. As a lot of music listeners have the attention span of a gnat this could prove a tricky request but sit yourself down, turn the internet off and en...view item »

Jon Hopkins

House producer and Coldplay helper Jon Hopkins has done a lot since Opalescent, but his debut record now gets a reissue after fifteen years in the game. It was released to Just Label who largely dealt in beautified ambient music, and Hopkins sentimental sound was well suited to their whims -- that sa...view item »

Jon Hopkins

Much like a giant robot and/or alien standing relentlessly on two buildings at the same time, Jon Hopkins manages to straddle the not-so fine lines between modern classical, IDM and dubstep/bassy nonsense with incredible panache. Opener 'The Wider Sun' is a good place to start to achieve the first of those three...view item »

Jon Hopkins
Late Night Tales

The electronic skyscraper Jon Hopkins is permitted a day off from making serious and thoughtful glitch records to make us a mixtape. His Late Night Tales has an excessively pointy front cover and meshes together the likes of ambient act A Winged Victory For The Sullen with&...view item »

Jon Hopkins
Asleep Versions

'Asleep Versions' is electronic producer Jon Hopkins' most recent work, a composition fashioned after 'Immunity' if it were to happen in a dreamlike state where none of the record's original aggression could get in. It was originally conceived as one long-form composition, but has been filtered into four suites that take cues from one another....view item »

Jon Hopkins
Immunity + Asleep Versions

Electronic aggressor and wide-eyed explorer Jon Hopkins puts on his helmet for another crash course in skyward techno. 'Immunity' was originally released in 2013 and saw a marked and robust change in Hopkins' output, while 'Asleep Versions' took a dreamier tack, attempting to float by in one blissful suite but being split into four that span an ...view item »

Jon Hopkins
We Disappear (featuring Lulu James)

The music of super-producer Hopkins continually leaves me if not cold but lukewarm. Its the calculated sterile sound of a man who knows he can pretty much do anything and people are going to like it. He’s good, he’s talented, he produced fucking Coldplay for Gods sake but a bit of soul and a tug...view item »

Jon Hopkins
Collider Remixes

Amazing interpretations from three different artists of this great Hopkin's tune. Deep vibe with an intense melodic involvement by Pangaea. Then an hypnotic techno with dark groovy drums pattern by Karenn. And finally a sort of glitchy drum machine ambient version with many different met...view item »

Jon Hopkins
How I Live Now Original Soundtrack

The music on the soundtrack is gentle, soothing and even fragile at times. There is plenty of piano, strings, shuffling beats and a delicate touch of synthesised and post-processed sounds. Featuring some of his darkest, most nihilistic work to date, the score is built from two contrasting elements – atonal, sub-terrestrial drones with a ba...view item »

Jon Hopkins

Is this the first techno record to ever come out on Domino? Jon Hopkins aka Brian Eno’s drinking buddy has somewhat surprised me with this record. All the  lush ambient atmospherics he usually creates are still present to an extent but here the emphasis i...view item »

Jon Hopkins
Light Through the Veins

Got a 12" here by Jon Hopkins which is a big epic feelgood electronica tune that will have you busting out your lighters and waving them in the air. It's super silky melodic stuff that keeps building. It's a nice heartwarming tune. Brett thinks this is the sound of going on a bike ride into the countryside in the summer. It's super chilled pol...view item »

Jon Hopkins/ Reuben Taylor/ King Creosote

Those cheeky Scottish scamps De-Fence have another of those bleeding split 10" jobs out again. I'm too hungry to give this a fair write up. So I'll have a strawberry chew. Yum. That tastes delicious. Oh what's this gentle, pastoral piano & subtle electronic wonderment i'm hearing? That yearning highlands murmer sounds...view item »