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Burnt Friedman / Ectomorph / Juju & Jordash / Fatima Yamaha
Dekmantel 10 Years 05

Record label anniversaries do provide the perfect opportunity to look backwards to past favourites and forwards to new activities all at once. Dekmantel’s 10 Years EP series is a great example, particularly part 5, which h...view item »

Samuel Rohrer / Ricardo Villalobos / Burnt Friedman
Range Of Regularity Remixes

Samuel Rohrer’s album Range Of Regularity bears further fruit as the basis for these varied and interesting re-interpretations. Among the roster of remixers is the legend Ricardo Villalobos, who contributes two versions, but the presence of Burnt Friedman is not to be underestimat...view item »

Burnt Friedman
Dead Saints Chronicles

Nonplace Bossman Burnt Friedman is responsible for the fifth release on Marionette. The German artist's six-track EP takes inspiration from David Solomon and John Anthony West's book on Near Death Experiences (The Dead Saints Chronicles: A Zen Journey Through The Christian Afterlife) and was assembled from his vast archive of re...view item »

Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dood-Ellis
Skies Okay Blue

More sophisticated electronic creations from Friedman who manages to impute so much subtle complexity into his rhythm that they actually sound like real drummers! There's a tangegible air of jazz fusion about the music which still retains that Berlin dubby edge. Also feature vocals by Texan Daniel Dodd-Ellis, cut-up and reconstructed by Friedman...view item »

Theo Parrish / Burnt Friedman
Meets Mancingelani / Zinja Hlungwani

This Parrish mix is a right galloping slice of demented pie. On headphones it sounds like about three different tunes are playing, one a slamming euphoric shaangaan rhythm track, one that sounds like Jamal Moss is making his machines sing like woodland sprites and the other sounds like an...view item »

Burnt Friedman
The Pestle

Burnt Friedman is one of many variations on Bernd Friedmann. The German producer has been prolific over the years covering downtempo minimal and percussive electronica through to electro-acoustic jazz soundscapes along with running Nonplace records. The Pestle is a small collection of tracks Friedmann p...view item »

Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dood-Ellis
Cease To Matter

With a press release so convoluted and high brow that it makes The Wire look like the Daily Star, I think I'm going to just get straight on and tell you about this collaborative album between the digi-dub guy and the guy from Texas. Both live in "the city that always bleeps" Berlin where the streets are paved with left field electronica. ...view item »

Burnt Friedman
Clock EP (feat. Daniel Dodd-Ellis)

Burnt Friedman presents four brand new and exclusive collaborative tracks, working once more with vocalist / spoken word performer Daniel Dodd-Ellis. The Clock EP is half made up of intense club weapons, half made up of shadowy sound poems, all of it dubbed-out and delicately EQ’d. 12” on No...view item »

Burnt Friedman & Jaki Leibezeit
Secret Rhythms+ - Friedman & Liebezeit : Shackleton/Becker Mixes

Flapjacks are getting too healthy these days, even the choc chips in this one tasted organic & uh....natural!! Whatever, pray tell, happened to the mountain of cheap treacle & nasty sugar injected into every crevice? Oh, where was I? Am I REALLY listening to Shackleton here?? What...view item »

Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit
Secret Rhythms 2

Friedman & Liebezeit (ex- Can drummer) release Secret Rhythms 2. So now the Rhythms are secret no longer. A nice mix of acoustic guitar, live drums with some interesting rhythms and atmospheric electronics. Difficult to pigeonhole really which can only be a good thing? One track also features David Sylvian on vocal duti...view item »