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This World Is Not My Home / Over Your Heads Forever

Kleistwahr is a musical project of Gary Mundy, known for his industrial/power electronics band Ramleh. This World Is Not My Home (2014) and Over Your Heads Forever (2016) were originally released on CD to great critical acclaim. Kleistwahr explores sound from atmospheric lows to ear-bleeding highs. Fourth Dimension is making them available as a double LP set.
  • Vinyl Double LP (FD2LP115)
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The Great Unlearning

More harsh nastiness from Ramleh, the power-electronics-turned-noise-rock outfit of Gary Mundy and Anthony Di Franco et al. With a title that nods towards Cornelius Cardew, The Great Unlearning is a double LP of dark rock-mode Ramleh, with plenty of electronic lashings and black psychedelia, as well as (apparently) some lyrics about social media. Philip Best and Sarah Froelich and the whole gang are involved. Out on Nashazphone.
  • Vinyl Double LP (NP-30)
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Legendary UK underground experimental/noise producer JFK aka Anthony Di Franco (Ramleh, Skullflower, AX, Ethnic Acid, Velvet Snakeskin Orchestra) presents a new six-track LP of scouring textures and pummelling drum machines. Nganga is electronic noise for post-industrial heads who like to revel in broken and distorted sounds, but maybe also enjoy a semblance of a rhythm. Loud churning fuzz fun. Vinyl release on the Los Angeles based Chondritic Sound label.

Gary Mundy
Specialist Fabricator

Gary Mundy formed the experimental band Ramleh in 1982. The band’s music has run the gamut from power electronics and industrial music to sounds more recognisable as rock in more recent years. He also ran the label Broken Flag and played guitar with Skullflower. In his captivating book, Specialist Fabricator, he takes us through what it takes to make his music, how operating on the outer edges of the music world makes him feel and how he feels having been through it and survived it all. Book, no LP or CD!

Weapon Design

'Weapon Design' is an 8-track LP (out on Fourth Dimension) full-to-bursting with galvanised beats, labyrinthine textures and searing psychedelia. It's an agile and uncompromising record that simultaneously riffs on '80s cassette culture and brooding sci-fi films. An exciting, distinctive listen from Anthony Di Franco (aka JFK).

A Return To Slavery

Here’s some real nasty old industrial noise / power electronics from 1983, one of the earliest releases on the Broken Flag label. Ramleh’s A Return To Slavery is full of inhuman howling and harsh frequencies, just the way you like it. As the original record was a split, this reissue fills in the other side with Ramleh’s The Hand Of Glory EP. Vinyl reissue on Harbinger Sound.

Circular Time

Circular Time is the first album of head-exploding rock that masters of distortion, Ramleh have made for the best part of 20 years. The band are currently made up of founder Gary Mundy, Anthony Di Franco, who joined in 1994 and new member, Martyn Watts It takes what they did on albums such as Be Careful What You Wish For (1995) and Shooters Hill (1992) and turns up the battering drums, straining synths, thick bass and savage blasts of guitar noise several notches. The two hours of music here are forboding, ferocious and carry a fateful allure.

Music for Zeitgeist Fighters

Kleistwahr is Gary Mundy, who fans of ‘extreme’ music will recognise as a crucial component of Broken Flag, Ramleh and the noise / power electronics / industrial scene in general from back in the day. With that in mind, Music For Zeitgeist Fighters is very listenable, shading almost into warm psych-drone territory at times. LP release on Nashazphone.

Conquest Play / Clockwork

An exclusive and very limited vinyl 12” from industrial titans Ramleh. These British experimentalists have been dabbling in power electronics, harsh noise and rock structures since the early 1980s and the rest of musical culture is only just catching up. One side of Conquest Play/Clockwork has the dizzying electronic line-up and the other has the aggro rock setup, so everyone’s happy.