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PC Worship
Buried Wish

Here they are, the guitar band I always think make electronic music. It's in the name -- you expect retro synths and what you get is in fact weirdass indie rock, a little deviating from the proper stuff and a little fried for punk music. PC Worship continue to break the time continuum just a little bit by improvising solid psychedelia with a wash of noise, which on this album concludes tape loops and the like. Buried Wish is a step up, or sideways, or through a wormhole.
  • Vinyl LP (LPNS087)

PC Worship
Social Rust

Hot on the heels of a very cool 7" on Sophomore Lounge, PC Worship now drop LP number four on Northern Spy. Apparently this is the closest they've come to the "conventional rock formula" but knowing this lot I think that just means that there's some pop songs subtly hidden in their scratchy experimental avant garde/no-wave/lo-fi influenced racket this time.