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Zola Jesus
Okovi: Additions

Darkwave foghorn Zola Jesus releases an accompanying album to her recent 'Okovi'. Featuring four unreleased tracks from the same session there are also some remixes by some pretty impressively big names such as Johnny Jewell and Katie Gately - a combination which makes for an album that actually stands on its own.   ...view item »

Zola Jesus

Foghorn-voiced chanteuse Zola Jesus has had a terrible time with death and loss recently so retreated to the woods near her childhood home to create this personal snapshot of loss and sympathy borne out of her experiences. It's fair to say that "Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey" this is not but instead a bleak meditation on tragedy. ...view item »

Zola Jesus

Big gothy bugger Zola Jesus has covered herself in oily stuff on the cover for this and it looks pretty cool. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil's best but I don't think that's what she's used unless it's really gone off or a poorly rhino has shat in it or something. This doesn't really sound like her other stuff - it's pretty much a pop EP to be ...view item »

Zola Jesus
New Amsterdam

We've got a load of amazing LPs in from Holidays today, and this Zola Jesus live offering is one of them. It was previously released on Sacred Bones as a limited CDr but it's a good recording so it's got itself a vinyl pressing. You all know how hot these guys are right now so this edition of 509 won't be sticking around for long. You know w...view item »

Zola Jesus

A year on from 'Versions', an orchestral reworking of old songs, indie and goth pop songwriter Zola Jesus is back with 'Taiga', her first record of original material since 2011. Nika Roza Danilova has said she wrote and recorded 'Taiga' to sound huger and more sonically clear than previous Zola Jesus records, with clean-as-a-whist...view item »

Zola Jesus (W/ Jg Thirlwell & Mivos Quartet)

Here’s something a bit different from the inimitable (not that it stops people trying) Zola Jesus which is very much dividing the office. Li’l Biz just said she didn’t like it “and you can put that in your review” to which Phil contributed “No, I don’t get her at all...view item »

Zola Jesus
Tsar Bomba

Intriguing release from Zola Jesus, a mini LP on Troubleman called 'Tsar Bomba'. She's trained in Opera studies and loves everything from No Wave to Classical arias and her emotive, tragic vocals carry along this unique trajectory, coming across a little like Julee Cruise & Kate Bush buried under this wonderful layer of discordance whilst indus...view item »

Zola Jesus
The Spoils

This new Zola Jesus L.P on Sacred Bones is pretty damn sweet. Entitled 'The Spoils', this is a neat follow up to an excellent E.P released earlier in the year on Troubleman records. Zola Jesus has a pretty unique sounding voice that helps carry these strange and mysterious tunes to a higher level. The music is pretty industrial sounding with is mix...view item »

Zola Jesus
Soeur Sewer

After her recent success and polished sound it's good to hear this young lady back on Sacred Bones with her very first bedroom recordings. This is raw stuff and I must say I really do like it. It's this kind of super dark suffocated blues track, primal and straight from the soul. I'll take this any day over her recent work. 'Odessa' on the flip ...view item »

Zola Jesus

Surprise of the year last year was my enjoyment of the Zola Jesus album 'Stridulum II' which despite her foghorn like voice being within a hair's breadth of the dreaded Florence/Annie Lennox histrionics beguiled me with its murky lo-fi electronics and chill...view item »

Burial Hex/Zola Jesus

Zurial Jex and Bola Hesus have done a split LP what's limited to the 500 copies.. I loved the Buriaa Hes album (also on Aurora Borealis) and thought the Zoll Jesux effort on Troubleman was mighty fine so this one seemed an exciting propostition from the off. The side with Burial Hex (to use their non-stupid name) let me down a little bit on ...view item »

Various (Blank Dogs, Zola Jesus, Factory Floor etc.)
Rough Trade Shops - Synth Wave 10

I'm personally loving the latest wave of Synth pop. Why it is now Synth Wave? I dunno? I think that's to signify the more studious end of the game. La Roux has a lot to answer for. She says synth pop is dead. Maybe she killed it, hid it down her pants & then coyly pointed the finger at someone else? The cheeky little twat-haired imp. Tsk ind...view item »

Zola Jesus
Poor Animal / I Can’t Stand

The sleeve for this is ace. It's all foldy outy, embossed and hand numbered. You feel like you're getting something for your money! Oh and you get a little download code inside as well so you can listen to it anywhere you like. The transformation of Zola Jesus from goth outsider making weird music to goth pop queen making not weird music happene...view item »

LA Vampires / Zola Jesus

.....and they embarked on a one way mission into the darkest corners of the soul..and they concocted an album that sounds bleak, but blissed out, unerving but strangely uplifting. Aliteration aside, this slab of deep frequencies and otherworldly noises is a black hearted tour de force that combines the talents of Manda Beth Brown (LA Vampires) a...view item »

Zola Jesus
Stridulum II

This basically expands the 'Stridulum' mini-album (that originally appeared on Sacred Bones) into a full length adding 3 extra tracks to bulk it up. This girl has a knack of writing what is essentially dark gothic pop music. Almost like a more bubblegum Dead Can Dance At Times. Her operatic vocal training shows in her voice although sure never r...view item »

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