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Actress, Zomby, Kode9

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Street Halo

Here he comes to save the day. As dubstep slowly morphs into chilled out electronic pop (Darkstar), wibbling coffee table nonsense (Blake) or a cartoon version of itself (Coki), Burial re-appears from the shadows to attempt to regain the crown that he never really lost as no-one has really pushed things any further. 'Street Halo' pretty much con...view item »

Kode9 & Burial

Here endeth the lesson. The 100th and final edition of Fabric’s Fabriclive CD mix series comes courtesy of two artists who, perhaps above all others, have defined the sound of the London club since the turn of the millenium. Burial’s South London bleakscapes and Kode9’s Hy...view item »

Truant/ Rough Sleeper

Willie B strikes again! This time with his bid for Christmas number one. Hehehe. Gotta admire the fact that despite his success this lad still chooses to hide from the limelight and let his music do the talking. There’s no massive surprises here in terms of mood and aesthetic but then I didn’t really expect any. The overal...view item »

Rival Dealer

I’m sure it was this time last year that Burial released his last 12”? Well he’s back for a second bash at the Christmas number one spot with three tracks on 180g wax and CD. ‘Rival Dealer’ has all the hallmarks of his dusty production sound and like his previous release has a ...view item »


By the time Burial's second album surfaced, his reputation had grown to underground stardom, even if his identity was still a secret. 'Untrue' continued the story of the twilit inner city, loneliness and distant threats informing a melancholic rhythmic atmosphere, and is now seen as a landmark in electronic music....view item »

Kindred EP

The internet almost collapsed when Hyperdub announced this new Burial 12". The arrival of a new release from this guy is always anticipated with excitement akin to a 4 year old on Christmas eve. Yet again he's delivered the goods. Opening with The title track 'Kindred' beginning with trademark crackle and those clanking metallic beats he does so...view item »

Deep Summer / Burial Remix

To mark the 50th release on his Osiris Music label, Simon Shreeve goes under his Mønic alias for this two tracker. Low down and spacious, vocal led Deep Summer is already one to float away to, but it’s only gone and been remixed by Burial, making this somewhat of a mastercl...view item »

Flame 1 (Burial & The Bug)
Fog / Shrine

A new collaboration landing, between night bus mystery man Burial and bass-weight Skeng supremo The Bug! For many fans of the UK bass music scene, this will be the collaboration of their dreams, and these two tracks under their Flame 1 handle do not disappoint in the slightest. These dense, smoky, dubbed out and deeply atmospheric...view item »


Burial remoulds 90's Garage/House into his own vision on 'Rodent', applying his signature production tricks to a classic bouncing and shuffling template of skeletal drums and big subs. He loops vocals samples in 'Untrue' style, adding heavenly synth to create that magical, melancholy sound he just totally owns. There's even a touch of Vangelis f...view item »

Young Death / Nightmarket

In what's now becoming a sub-festive winter tradition, Burial delivers his first 12" of material since the wonderful, graceful and empathetic set of dubstep ambient tunes that came on Rival Dealer. He recently caused chaos with Zomby on "Sweetz", but this slab is Will Bevan through and through...view item »

Pre Dawn / Indoors

Burial serves up his second 12” in two months, this time on Boddika’s Nonplus Records. Much faster and darker than September’s Rodent, this month’s offering is a big bowl of crispy crunchy 2 step techno, with a generous dollop of crackle and lofi reverb on top. Sounds a bit like ...view item »

Subtemple / Beachfires

Everyone's favourite cracklemonger Burial is back to deliver two new beat opuses on 10" wax for extra crackle. Featuring tracks such as 'Bus Dodger', 'Piss Lift', 'NHS Rizla' and 'Payspliff' (but none of those), it will be sure to console you into the wee hours with nothing but closed curtains and a glowing laptop screen for company. S...view item »

Street Halo EP / Kindred EP

Clintony scrawled this enthused gush-forth 'bout Street Halo: Here he comes to save the day. As dubstep slowly morphs into chilled out electronic pop (Darkstar), wibbling coffee table nonsense (Blake) or a cartoon version of itself (Coki), Burial re-appears from the shadows to attempt to regain the crown that he never really lost as no-o...view item »

Zomby x Burial

2 of electronic bass music’s most illustrious anonymous producers (although they aren’t really anonymous anymore) put their heads together at last for this collaboration. Zomby and Burial both know how to make the darkness ripple, and Sweets is bound to entrance plenty of heads. Limited edit...view item »

Burial and Fourtet

Another un-announced Burial and Four Tet collaboration drops on Text. This one is a limited single sider. Apparently the pair had planned on making a couple of tunes but Kieran fell asleep in the studio after being up for three days watching his box set collection of the entire series of "Minder". So with only one tune to review I thought I'd do...view item »

Burial/ Four Tet/ Thom Yorke
Ego / Mirror

The internet almost broke yesterday when this release was announced out of the blue and dropped exclusively on Rinse FM. For many I'm sure this is somewhat of a dream collaboration. Lest we forget though that both Burial and Fourtet previously collaborated on a 12" for Text and each in turn have also remixed Thom Yorke so it was almost bound to ...view item »

Burial and Fourtet
Moth/Wolf Cub

Now then. There's some dream collaborations that you'd probably sell yr granny, or at least her thimble & china elephant collection for but who'd have thought a 12" knees up 'twix Fourtet & shady non-Sun reading grimester Burial would suddenly occur out of the blue. 'Wolf Cub' has a beautiful tribal rhythm with it's roots in two-step garage but i...view item »


When the debut Burial album popped onto radars over the world, divided opinion soon gave way to cult status. An unlikely pairing of screwed up garage beats, moody bass and morose ambience heralded an era of genuinely emotive but strange dance music, cementing the album as a contemporary electronic classic. ...view item »

Ghost Hardware EP

Burial: "Ghost Hardware" (Hyperdub) is dubstep that owes as much two-step UK garage as the cinematic Drum 'n' Bass template laid down by Rupert Parkes aka Photek. Awesome atmospherics evoking elements of Source Direct and Photek's brand of spaciousness, metallic percussion, rolling thunderous basslines, inflections of guitars, snatched (h...view item »

Distant Lights EP

Some deaf shithead at Vice thinks the BURIAL album on Hyperdub is "boring, gawky 2-step with token reggae samples & some crackles" Well I've been on a couple of little journeys with that album & think it may not be as awesome as some make out but it's certainly a subtle, multi layered gem of a disc in places. ...view item »

South London Boroughs

Following on from the success of the Burial album, Hyperdub have seen fit to repress the first 12" on the label. Burial's 'South London Burroughs' has been smuggly hiding away in my dubstep collection at home since it was first released. It was one of my secret weapons. If you missed it first time round then I sugges...view item »