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Burial Vinyl, CD & tapes by Burial at Norman Records

Y'all know Burial, right? The mystical, magical purveyor of dusty beats, processed RnB samples, and cold, hyperreal sonic landscapes.  His best-known, and perhaps best, album is Untrue which is as strange an album as you will probably listen to thi...read more »

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Truant/ Rough Sleeper

Truant/Rough Sleeper was mystery-shrouded producer Burial's 2012 despatch (seems so long ago now) and comprises of two long form tracks that clock in at a mighty 25 minutes plus. Like a lot of his music it seems to capture the ghosts of post rave and UK garage and utilise them in two episodic suites which contain a variety of moods and tempos. Some of his more experimental work for sure but as necessary as anything he's done. 

Kindred EP

I'm personally quite excited to see that Burial has issued all his recent 12" tracks onto a compilation CD. I can at least pretend it's the new album that has been missing since the brilliant Untrue. There's nothing like hearing the tracks spreadeagled on vinyl though and so you can still get Kindred's three tracks on super wax. It's full on haunted ambience and warped trance and sees the producer stretching his talents into exciting new areas.    

Flame 2 (Burial and The Bug)
Dive / Rain

Next instalment of dream collaboration between night bus dweller Burial and bass bin enthusiast The Bug as Flame (2). Released on The Bug's Kevin Martin's Pressure imprint, these two bass music heavyweights again collide for two more blurry dubbed out highly atmospheric tracks that are sure not to disappoint fans of either artist. 
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Tunes 2011 - 2019

Most of Burial’s output in the years since his game-changing LP altogether in one place. What’s not to like? There’s nothing new on ‘Tunes 2011-2019’, with the man who is maybe-possibly known to his mates as William Emmanuel Bevan selecting his favourite tunes from his excellent EP run of the past eight years. It’s interesting charting the progression of Burial’s music over the time-period, with his greyscale garage sound expanded to incorporate drone and dark ambient influences but still staying true to the project’s root style. ‘Tunes 2011-2019’ represents the first time some of these tunes have been released on CD.


By the time Burial's second album surfaced, his reputation had grown to underground stardom, even if his identity was still a secret. 'Untrue' continued the story of the twilit inner city, loneliness and distant threats informing a melancholic rhythmic atmosphere, and is now seen as a landmark in electronic music.

Rival Dealer

2013’s Rival Dealer is one of the finest releases in Burial’s post-Untrue discography. A three-track EP that still clocks in at close to thirty minutes in length, this record sandwiches the haunted illbience of ‘Hiders’ between the lengthy multi-movement works ‘Come Down To Us’ and ‘Rival Dealer’. The longer tracks are just so impressive, using Burial’s sombre garage sound as a base from which to bring in drone and a streetwise take on Boards Of Canada’s twinkling electronica.

Young Death / Nightmarket

In what's now becoming a sub-festive winter tradition, Burial delivers his first 12" of material since the wonderful, graceful and empathetic set of dubstep ambient tunes that came on Rival Dealer. He recently caused chaos with Zomby on "Sweetz", but this slab is Will Bevan through and through -- "Young Death" is a gorgeous abstraction and "Nightmarket" compliments it beautifully.
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Claustro / State Forest

(sings) All we are saying is 'Give Us an Album'. Burial's last full length LP the magnificent Untrue came out in 2007. That's 12 years ago. Since then all we get are these 12"s of which Claustro/State Forest is the latest. I know we're supposed to get excited but grrrr. Anyway it's something at least. I think I liked his last thing. Did I? I can't remember. Maybe.  

Flame 1 (Burial & The Bug)
Fog / Shrine

A new collaboration landing, between night bus mystery man Burial and bass-weight Skeng supremo The Bug! For many fans of the UK bass music scene, this will be the collaboration of their dreams, and these two tracks under their Flame 1 handle do not disappoint in the slightest. These dense, smoky, dubbed out and deeply atmospheric slo-mo steppers come via Pressure, a new label from Kevin Martin himself.


Burial remoulds 90's Garage/House into his own vision on 'Rodent', applying his signature production tricks to a classic bouncing and shuffling template of skeletal drums and big subs. He loops vocals samples in 'Untrue' style, adding heavenly synth to create that magical, melancholy sound he just totally owns. There's even a touch of Vangelis flavoured saxophone for some additional romance. Hyperdub bossman Kode9 deconstructs and reconstructs the core elements into a frantic footwork cut, heavily influenced by Chicago but with his own twist, in a similar mode to his 'Nothing' album.

Kode9 & Burial

Here endeth the lesson. The 100th and final edition of Fabric’s Fabriclive CD mix series comes courtesy of two artists who, perhaps above all others, have defined the sound of the London club since the turn of the millenium. Burial’s South London bleakscapes and Kode9’s Hyperdub label have spread their tentacles into nearly every facet of UK club music, and you’d be hard-pressed to argue that any of the other 99 Fabriclive mixes don’t bear their influence in one way or another. Now, as the series rounds out, the pair drop a 37-track mix that shows love to footwork, gqom, jungle, grime and everything in between. Not to be missed.

Deep Summer / Burial Remix

To mark the 50th release on his Osiris Music label, Simon Shreeve goes under his Mønic alias for this two tracker. Low down and spacious, vocal led Deep Summer is already one to float away to, but it’s only gone and been remixed by Burial, making this somewhat of a masterclass in downtempo atmospherics.

Pre Dawn / Indoors

Burial serves up his second 12” in two months, this time on Boddika’s Nonplus Records. Much faster and darker than September’s Rodent, this month’s offering is a big bowl of crispy crunchy 2 step techno, with a generous dollop of crackle and lofi reverb on top. Sounds a bit like if you stood in the hallway between two rooms in a big club and recorded that sound on your phone (in a good way). Pretty heavy!

Subtemple / Beachfires

Everyone's favourite cracklemonger Burial is back to deliver two new beat opuses on 10" wax for extra crackle. Featuring tracks such as 'Bus Dodger', 'Piss Lift', 'NHS Rizla' and 'Payspliff' (but none of those), it will be sure to console you into the wee hours with nothing but closed curtains and a glowing laptop screen for company. Still waiting for that world tour, Will.

Zomby x Burial

2 of electronic bass music’s most illustrious anonymous producers (although they aren’t really anonymous anymore) put their heads together at last for this collaboration. Zomby and Burial both know how to make the darkness ripple, and Sweets is bound to entrance plenty of heads. Limited edition of 5000 on single-sided white label 10”: they’ll probably still sell out quick though.

Burial and Fourtet

Burial/ Four Tet/ Thom Yorke
Ego / Mirror

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When the debut Burial album popped onto radars over the world, divided opinion soon gave way to cult status. An unlikely pairing of screwed up garage beats, moody bass and morose ambience heralded an era of genuinely emotive but strange dance music, cementing the album as a contemporary electronic classic. 

Digital Mystikz, The Bug, Burial, Various
Mary Anne Hobbs- Warrior Dubz

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