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Paco Sala
The Silent Season

Full-length album number five from Paco Sala. The Silent Season was born out of improvised sessions with synthesisers, vocals, samples etc. Hazy pop is still the name of the game, but Paco Sala have deliberately allowed whatever ‘errors’ came through in their playing and production to stand,...view item »

Empire Line

The final album from London-based Paco Sala under the Konntinent moniker. Empire Line is a richly textured piece of electronic ambience. Imagine if Wolfgang Voigt dissected and regurgitated a Nils Frahm record. Features vocals from Cuushe, Chantal Acda and Lisa Beth Madisson. Out on CD from Home Normal....view item »

Paco Sala
Ko Yo

This new six-track offering, Ko Yo, showcases the cream of the dreamy, abstract and lo-fi pop of London/Berlin based outfit Paco Sala. Brimming with warped synths and crunchy beats, the EP is a great example of modern day avant-garde pop and is ultimately the produce of unrestraint and dazed creat...view item »

Opal Island

I can never spell Konntinent right. I always do too many N's or not enough N's or occasionally throw an extra T at things to see if that works. It doesn't though. Well here's their brand new 2nd album proper (after their debut Norman Records album of the week on Symbolic Interaction) 'Opal Island' on the excellent Home Normal label. It's mastered b...view item »


What do you do when you want to put out records but your name is already taken by a Leeds poet/classicist and a fictional purple head with tentacles? You change your name to Konntinent (or maybe Arev Konn or Paco Sala) of course! Yes, Tony Harrison is back with more of his carefully struct...view item »

Closer Came The Light

You should be reasonably familiar with this chap by now as we've been singing his praises for some time now. Degrees, Integers was genius and it's still one of my favourites now. What's amazing about this album is all the tracks were recorded in a single take! He creates beautiful soundsc...view item »

Degrees, Integers

Joint album of the week is one that came up stealthily and twatted us blindstyle a week or two back while we were dutifully ploughing our way through stereo fodder. We get an awful lot of this homely electronic ambient post-rock kind of thing and for the most part it leaves me bored shitless but even I joined in the praise for this Konntinent C...view item »

Down with Candy

I'm really keen on this guy's stuff. Out of the more interesting & unpredictable realms of the drone/sound art field, he comes brandishing some impressive future music. This begins like a sculpted industrial drone piece before some wild, tingly old kosmische synths are released into the sonic arena. He's quite adept at throwing in some micro...view item »

Arev Benn

Bloody tapes. What's with them eh? What gives? Who said THEY could make a comeback? There used to be 10 in the stockroom. Now there's several scores of the critters. I feel like Captain Kirk with his tribbles trouble. I've got another one of the little brightly coloured spoolly bastards here and this particular item contains new sounds from form...view item »

Konntinent / Adam Flynn
If I Could Buy A Map of Hope

Now Brett's just made me laugh by showing us a Pitchfork article on the nature of celebrity written by Carlos D of NY miserabalists Interpol. Now to dissolve that article's unbelievably wanky overblown pretention, we've stuck on a copy of Konntinent's split CDr with Adam Flynn. Nothing like atmospheric dark drone to blow the goth cobwebs out your h...view item »