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The 4th Movement
The 4th Movement

The recent revival of interest in 1970s Detroit proto-punk trio Death has lead to a re-release for an album the brothers Hackney made under the name The 4th Movement. Originally self-distributed in 1980, The 4th Movement sees the group retain the fuzzed hard-rock sound of Death but narrow their lyrical focus to one thing - our saviour Jesus Christ. This new pressing comes courtesy of Drag City.
  • Vinyl LP (DC500)
  • CD (DC500CD)

Scream Bloody Gore

Scream Bloody Gore is, of course, exactly what it says on its blood-splattered 1987-released tin; hideously dark riffs alongside off-the-handle screeches. The aptly-named Death may appear cliche in the 21st century, but in their day the group sat amongst the true pioneers of their ear-scrapingly abrasive genre.

David Peel & Death
King of Punk

A little-heard record here from a punk original, David Peel (working with his band, Death). Howling out of the New York gutter, King Of Punk is gnarly as hell, and is produced to sound like it is bleeding through the wall of a rehearsal studio, for extra viscerality. Vinyl reissue courtesy of the HoZac label.
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  • Death


Death were formed in Detroit in the early '70s. The band were made up of 3 brothers, David, Bobby and Dannis Hackney. They played the music of their time and place but were unappreciated at the time. Their music did, however, play an important role in the development of punk rock. David Hackney predicted their eventual importance shortly before he sadly died. A reformed Death began playing live in 2008 with Bobbie Duncan replacing David Hackney. The persistent wish from their fans for a new record has finally come to fruition with N.E.W. an album that perfectly revives and reviews what Death did at their most visceral and cerebral.
  • Vinyl LP (DCTRY1217178)
  • CD (TRY1217178CD)


  • Vinyl LP (DC583)

North St. / We’re Gonna Make It

  • Vinyl 7" (DC582)

... For The Whole World To See

  • Vinyl LP (DC387)
  • CD (DC387CD)


  • Vinyl LP (DC447)