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Hakobune Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records


Warm ambient music and a nice photograph: what more could you feasibly need to know? Hakobune has been at it for years and has made some of the loveliest, mildly shimmering drone there is, for Constellation Tatsu and elsewhere. he releases Obelisk on Polar Seas Recordings, using gorgeously processed ...view item »


Prepare for forty-five minutes of blissed-out ambience from the Hakobune Industries Blissed-out Ambience Bot 3000. Rather than a reference to the rather wacky Tim Burton film, the title Betelgeuse is of course in honour of the Orionian star. You’re in for a celestial, glistening and weightless journey across space...view item »

In Arboreal Whispering

I’ve always thought of Hakobune’s music as something like a video game safe zone, the save point at which you can rest, take stock and generally whittle away the time. His long tonal snoozes have existed many times over at this point -- many of them on Constellation Tatsu itself -- and here they continue to suggest the same kind of d...view item »