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Warm ambient music and a nice photograph: what more could you feasibly need to know? Hakobune has been at it for years and has made some of the loveliest, mildly shimmering drone there is, for Constellation Tatsu and elsewhere. he releases Obelisk on Polar Seas Recordings, using gorgeously processed ...view item »


Prepare for forty-five minutes of blissed-out ambience from the Hakobune Industries Blissed-out Ambience Bot 3000. Rather than a reference to the rather wacky Tim Burton film, the title Betelgeuse is of course in honour of the Orionian star. You’re in for a celestial, glistening and weightless journey across space...view item »

In Arboreal Whispering

I’ve always thought of Hakobune’s music as something like a video game safe zone, the save point at which you can rest, take stock and generally whittle away the time. His long tonal snoozes have existed many times over at this point -- many of them on Constellation Tatsu itself -- and here they continue to suggest the same kind of d...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama + Hakobune
The Fall Rises

Dual guitar drone sessions from Japanese ambient masters Chihei Hatakeyama and Hakobune. Chords that are so drawn out and sustained through waves of reverb that the records title is spot on, glacial chords seem to constantly be falling, or building around but never meet an end. There are tones of The Str...view item »

All My Regret For Nothing Remembered

Why mess around with opaque references when naming your label? Why not just call it what it is, like the good people at Holland’s new Warm Drone Label have done? All My Regret For Nothing Remembered , by Japanese artist Hakobune, is the label’s very first release, and I am pleased to report that it does exac...view item »

Apsidal Motion

Japanese musician Hakobune takes his electric guitar and turns it into long-form slabs of ambient tone-drift. Apsidal Motion apparently came into being thanks to the inspiring nature of a starlit sky in rural Japan: certainly, this could very comfortably soundtrack a late-night session of mental release. Out on White Pa...view item »

Hakobune & Dirk Serries
Obscured By Beams Of Sorrow

Obscured By Beams Of Sorrow is a great title for a drone collaboration isn’t it? Potently evocative and suggestive of haze. This album results from the meeting of Hakobune and Dirk Serries, both experienced in the field of experimental ambience, and evidently both quite good at working with others...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama + Hakobune
It is, it isn't

Another minimalist ambient fest from two giants of the genre, both Chihei and Hakobune have been delighting fans for years now with their beautiful music. ‘It Is, It Isn’t’ kind of does exactly what you’d expect it to really, not that that’s a bad thing though as this is absolutely gorgeous with it’s clouds of...view item »

Seamless and Here

Hakobune is a master and academic of instrumental music at this point, having released enough music for a full archive, dabbling in drone, ambient and the space between where they intersect. His works are often more melodious than that of the average drone merchant, though 'Seamless and Here' is more of a sustained collection, shi...view item »

Nebulous Sequences

Japan’s reigning monarch of the blurry guitar drone, Hakobune, returns with an epic 2CD dronework this week. You probably already know the score with this ambient veteran. We’re talking monolithic walls of indistinct melody, earth’s core rumbles and cathedral-esque reverb shimmer, rising and reced...view item »

Looping Around The Forest I Thought I Remembered

Aaaaahhh. Soothing. We all need a bit of soothing. Writing reviews about such gentle music is hard enough when sat alone in near silence, in this case I have the added distraction of my mother fussing about in the background. I’m reviewing from home you see and she has just popped in to do a spot of hoovering (Note: I am perfectly capable ...view item »

A Distant Loss

I was commenting the other day about how small and delicate a lot of Japanese music seems to sound. Not so with Hakobune, an ambient guitarist from Tokyo who makes great big monolithic slabs of ambience from his 6 string and an ever growing collection of effects pedals. The music is a grey twirling tangle of sound, sweeping and swooping and ebbi...view item »

A Distant Loss (Expanded)

Sometimes music show us a place or..not-place, something we were looking for outside...and sometimes we can find inside. The music can be a good pastime, a great entertainment ... but it can also become a wonderful journey, a journey so deep to show us places that until now we did not know could exist. Hakobune - A Distant Loss (Expanded) is the...view item »


Just a few words on this as all this has been out before on splits, compilations & limited EPs. Also, this is that there ambient drone music that they have these days and as you well know, all of us in the office really struggle to come up with fresh superlatives for a music that is so minimal and purely designed for self-immersion and r...view item »

Tonight Is Why

‘Tonight Is Why’ is the latest album from Japanese ambient composer Takahiro Yorifuji or just plain Hakobune to you and me, born in Hyogo and now living in Tokyo, Yorifuji has been releasing albums under the Hakobune tag for quite a few years now, gaining much popularity amongst avid fans of the am...view item »

All The Other Hearts I Knew

We got a couple of newies in this week on the Rural Colours label which in case you didn’t know is an offshoot of the Hibernate label. The one I got here is a CD by ...view item »

Pleq & Hakobune

This CD sees prolific lonely dronester Hakobune team up with serial collaborator Pleq for six tracks of detailed, melodic ambient drift. To be honest the two of them have both brought out so much other mate...view item »

While Shadows Sweep Across The Lawn

Takahiro Yorifuji returns to grace the UK ambient drone underground again, this time on the Somehow label, one of a small number of quietly committed imprints devoted t...view item »

Believed Remains

3” CDs...They're the marmite of music. You either love 'em or hate 'em. I used to love 'em but I've gone off for them for two reasons. One they're not long enough and two I lose the things cos I'm a shambling idiot. Putting my own personal preferences aside though here's one that you can...view item »

Away From the Lunar Waters

We've had a couple of bits in by Hakobune, the most recent being an excellent 3" on Hibernate. Well Hibo follow that little beauty with this full length outing from from Kyoto resident and ambient guitar conjurer Takahiro Yorifuji. Hakobune's got the ambient credentials in check with releases from U-Cover, Symbolic Interaction, Waterscape and In...view item »

We Left The Window Open Sometimes

The other CD in The Pragmatism series is by Hakobune and this one comes in a fancy orange ejector case. It's well exciting.... I like orange. I tried to eat it but it didn't taste very nice. I'm often fooled into eating orange things.... Hakobune is actually Jason Hakobune and he makes music of the drifty floaty variety. Constructed with affected g...view item »

I Discover I'm Missing

Ah...something a bit more soothing now. Thank fuck. Anyhoo Hakobune has had releases out on loads of cool labels like U Cover, Symbolic Interaction, Install, Hibernate, etc., so unless you've been hiding underneath an ambient drone tree then you've more than likely heard...view item »

A Yearlong Thought

Hakobune (Takahiro Yorifuji to his mum) plows a productive furrow in the old ambient drone world, as proved by previous quality releases (at least if Phil's reviews are to be believed) on labels such as Hibernate and Symbolic Interaction. He's also popped up on Install before too so they must've known what to expect from this full length which i...view item »


Hakobune has one of those cute 3" CDs (called Isohel) out this week on the excellent Hibernate label though I've just been slightly distracted by the sales notes for Irish Party Anthems mixed by Micky Modelle. The cover is an amazing piece of graphic design... who'd have thought of using a 4 leaf clover,. I just don't know.... I digress, Hakob...view item »

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