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Bruno Spoerri
Voice Of Taurus

A nine-track record from the ever expanding mind of Bruno Spoerri. Another release that shows just how good improvised synth music can be and a great reminder that sci-fi soundtrack synths and futuristic-funk actually can be a cracking combination. Voice Of Taurus is available on vinyl LP from ‘We Release Whatever...view item »

Bruno Spoerri & Reto Weber
The Sound Of The UFOs

Collaboration between Swiss electronic and jazz musician Bruno Spoerri and percussionist Reto Weber made available for the first time since its release in 1978. Taking the biggest selection of synths you can imagine they take you on an intergalactic journey through improvisations that touch on krautrock, techno ...view item »

Bruno Spoerri
Langstrasse Zwischen 12 Und 12

This release dives deep into the archives to find Bruno Spoerri’s soundtrack to a little-remembered 1972 Swiss documentary about city life. Spoerri chose to accompany Langstrasse Zwischen 12 Und 12 with a wild array of hot jazz-synth-rock-folk sounds: what would the Swiss viewers have made of this...view item »

Bruno Spoerri
Teddy Bar / Lilith

“German yet fun”, screams a slightly racist quote from 808 State’s Graham Massey in the press release to Swiss composer Bruno Spoerri’s previous reissue on the mighty Finders Keepers. Well, everyone liked t...view item »

Bruno Spoerri / Massonix
Hommage Au Fromage / Hollingsville

The Finders Keepers label brings you this Disposable Music Library series from two artists, firstly Swedish electronic jazz pioneer Bruno Spoerri with ‘Hommage Au Fromage’, a collection of easy listening style jazz pieces commissioned by the national Swiss Chee...view item »

Bruno Spoerri and Betha Sarasin
AX+BY+CZ+D=0 (AKA Kunst Am Computer)

Dead Cert is a new label which is a team effort between the good people at Pre-Cert and Finders Keepers, dedicated to breathing new life into ...view item »

Bruno Spoerri

Phil and Ant seemed excited when this Bruno Spoeri collection on Disposable Music came in, so let's see what all the fuss is about. Reading the press release reveals that Bruno has worked with Can as well as doing loads of soundtracks and crazy corporate type stuff like making motivational music and that. He sounds like an interesting character, on...view item »