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Children Of Alice
Children Of Alice

This is the first new music from former James Cargill since Broadcast's tragic demise.  Here he collaborates with Julian House (Ghostbox founder) and Roj Stevens (Broadcast). Certain thematic links remain, notably the understated spookin...view item »

The Noise Made By People

The wonderful wonderful sound of Broadcast, brought back onto vinyl again at last by Warp Records. The Noise Made By People slides into existence with ‘Long Was The Year’, a perfect example of their slinking mysterious sound. A clear melody, and Trish Keenan’s beautiful voice, but with an undertow of u...view item »

Berberian Sound Studio

Peter Strickland’s new film Berberian Sound Studio - a thriller centring around a foley artist working on a ‘70s giallo film - looks completely fascinating but sadly I’ve not seen it yet so I’m having to review this soundtrack out of context. Thankfully it’s a won...view item »


First up we have the new one from Broadcast called Pendulum. This is a mini album (6 songs) and is their first for quite some time. They are one of the most original bands around right now and have a sound all their own. This new stuff is pretty darn good but quite experimental in places and reminicent...view item »

Broadcast and The Focus Group
Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age

For the last couple of days I've had the phrase 'all circles vanish' reverberating around my mind and it's all the fault of Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, in which our titular heroes form like Voltron to produce a postmodern take on classically British psychedelic sounds, from Wicker Man-esque acid folk t...view item »

Broadcast and The Focus Group
Study Series 04: Familiar Shapes and Noises

I was so ludicrously excited about this single you've got no idea! Fortunately I wasn't disappointed. From the off, the lead track has a book lovers esque organ/ harpsichord running which immediately got the hairs all perky on my arms.  You get some nice Can esque style bass and drums which power the tune and chug along ...view item »

America's Boy

I have to move onto something I like now. Broadcast are one of my most favouritist bands ever and they're back with a new 7" on Warp (which I accidentally just discovered is one letter away from wasp... go figure!) They consistently write class tunes and don't pander to what is trendy. They're in a total league of their own. ...view item »

Various (Boards of Canada, Autechre, Broadcast etc.)
Warp20 (Unheard)

Now for some stuff that Warp probably deemed unworthy of release at the time but are trying to convince us its some sort of hidden treasure... Lets see what 'Unheard' has to offer... It kicks off the Boards of Canada's 'Seven Forty Seven' which is actually a sweet track. I cant imagine any BOC fan rejecting this as useless twoddle. Plaid do their s...view item »

Work & Non Work

The wonderful wonderful sound of Broadcast, brought back onto vinyl again at last by Warp Records. Work & Non Work compiles the singles released by the band prior to their Warp signing, and there are plenty of excellent slices of their alternate universe pop sound here: a universe that is at once shiny future and ee...view item »

Plaid, Broadcast, Various
Donkey Punch

Salad-munching Ant isn't here this week so it's a good opportunity to listen to some animal cruelty music. Donkey Punching, though.. Barbaric. At least pick on someone your own size and hit a horse or a big dog (like Westwood). I don't really want to go and see a film about stuff like that. Now if it was about middle-class chumps being analed-up an...view item »

Ha Ha Sound

From the opposite end of the quality spectrum saunter Brummie krautrock 60's waltz gods BROADCAST with a new full lengther. Yes, that's BROADCAST. So good they have their name in big letters. Warp's best signing of the 90's bar ...view item »

The Future Crayon

"Phil likes BROADCAST and Ant doesn't" - so that's my link to the review of The new Broadcast album. Terrible I know. I'll understand if you can't bear to read on... So 'The Future Crayon' is basically a collection of 18 tracks taken from rare & limited edition singles, EP's...view item »

Tender Buttons

Broadcast released their third album to critical acclaim, presenting a refined sound that pushed the psychedelic elements out of the Pram-esque noir of previous outings. The core of stripped back rhythms, synths and robotic vocals remained, brought into fuller colour with a new approach to songwriting and produc...view item »