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Kutcha Butcha

Kutcha Butcha is the solo project of Sebastian Rochford, the remarkable drummer behind outfits like Acoustic Ladyland and Polar Bear. NDYA is 100% Rochford (he produced and mixed it too), and features an international range of sounds from this ever-inventive sound producer. Out on Half Baked Bread Records.

Polar Bear with Jyager
Common Ground

Polar Bear
Same As You

Not to be confused with the American band, or the Arctic carnivore, Polar Bear are back with their sixth album. Once again delving into the riches of double-saxophone-fueled jazz, Same As You is a double LP with outside ideas and at the same time appealing sounds. British avant-garde made available to the masses!

Polar Bear

Peepers by Polar Bear was originally released in 2010. It’s an album that has something for everyone. Percussionist and bandleader, Sebastian Roachford, takes jazz and mixes elements of rock, folk, soul and electronic in an unusual yet highly engaging fashion. It was the best selling album on The Leaf Label.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear

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