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Red Stars Over Tokyo
Infinity From The Mouth Of Night

Remixed and remade from an Ambient DJ set in Berghain, Infinity From The Mouth of Night by Red Stars Over Tokyo is a five track LP of dark, pulsating and ominous Ambient music with a Techno undertone, which is seemingly always threatening to burst into raucous destruction. This is Red Stars Over Tokyo’s fi...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
4 Track 12"

Electronic experimentalists, these guys, and on this particular plate they've excelled themselves. The first two tracks covering one side veer between odd grumbling ricocheting IDM breaks and moods leading into a vortex of h...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Melody Attack

Beautiful double LP gatefold sleeve from Belgian electronic artist Red Stars Over Tokyo, with his usual brand of trancey hypnotic IDM, ‘Melody Attack’ is almost vintage sounding in its bleeps and bloops but still retains a futuristic element to the world of ambient dance music, its influence...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Crossing A Frozen Sea

Here’s a 12” single which is longer than most albums, featuring an “extended all night version” of Red Stars Over Tokyo’s ‘Crossing A Frozen Sea’ on one side, and a 20-plus minute remix by the German collective Magazine...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Hits Of Sunshine

Red Stars Over Tokyo has been knocking about for a while now crafting ambient landscapes and electronic snippets for Kranky, Digitalis, Kompakt and his own Hot Hair label. 'Hits Of Sunshine' was formed from the concept of the artist writing summery music in the dead of winter. Essentiall...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
I Never Gave Up (Because I Never Started)

I didn't hear that last Red Stars Over Tokyo as I was away or something. Probably jet setting over to Grimsby or somewhere exciting (I like fish.... not in a sexy way.. just in an eaty way....) I mean who on earth would dig fish in a sexy way. That's well wrong. 'I Never Gave Up Because I Never Started' is a 19 track mini album of electronic (non f...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo

We've got an interesting 12" here from some Flemish fliends calling themselves Red Stars Over Tokyo. You get a track on each side, the first (I think) being synthy business in the vein of the cold wave stuff coming out of continental Europe in the 80s and also the odd US act such as League of Nations. It also brings early Zombi to mind, partic...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Not Moving

Red Stars Over Tokyo return with a new selection of minimalist drones and ambient compositions on the Hothair label. What can i say about this guy? Previously he's been known to touch on neo-classical type stuff whilst occasionally drifting into minimalist techno. Now he's in it purely for the electronic drones, crafting dreamy sleep inducing to...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Helen In The Mirror

The next thing I have for you is a long playing record by Red Stars Over Tokyo. This is on the Hot Hair label of Belgium. Speaking of Hot Hair someone told me the other day that they knew someone who used to burn their hair rather than cut it. Is this normal? I would have thought that a scissor would be easier.Anyway this is entitled 'Helen in the ...view item »