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Sun Araw Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

Laraaji & Sun Araw
Professional Sunflow

As far as I’m concerned, it’s not a Laraaji record if it hasn’t got the word “sun” in it. The man who turns ambience into a beacon of light is heard here in live collaboration with the jumpy guitar ‘n’ synth experimentalists of Sun Araw. To my mind, it is one of the most surprising leftfield bills of all...view item »

Sun Araw
The Saddle of The Increate

Sun. The Sun, The Sunnster, Sun is back! With a brand new album on Sun Ark! Here is your favourite nonsense conjurer, in full swing, fiddling with his machines like a drunkard trying to use keys. “This one’s gonna sort of try to be a 4/4 house groove” but oh no, there it goes again, falling off the grid onto the floor with a co...view item »

Sun Araw / Ralph White

Been looking forward to this one. Seems like a while since Sun Araw last put out any solo material but he’s easily forgiven with this bitchin’ cover of ‘Thrasher’ by Neil Young. What more could you ask for? His cover of ‘Barstool Blues’ on tribute...view item »

Sun Araw

Any music fan will tell you it's not the notes that matter, it's the space between the notes - and very few people have more space between their notes than Sun Araw, whose skeletal post-dub explorations are comprised of roughly half silence. Given that he's been around the block a couple of times now, you probably think you know what he sounds l...view item »

Sun Araw
The Inner Treaty

My second visit to the stoned, glistening kaleidoscopic world of "Cammy Stalls" this week.....but this initially seems a more abstract, disjointed and bizarre listen than some previous musical moves he's busted. I was picking shit 'n' stuff in the stockroom the other evening with this on ...view item »

Sun Araw
Ancient Romans

Nearly didn't get enough of these to squeeze out a review so big-ups to the lads in distribution world for scraping a few up and mailing them our way. 'Ancient Romans' is the newie from Sun Araw a.k.a Cameron Stallone, everyone's favourite psychedelic tro...view item »