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Frankie Rose
Cage Tropical

Frankie Rose has been around a bit having been a member of Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls. This is her third solo album and initial clues to it's sound would suggest the sort of tightly knit kraut-pop similar to that recently made successful by the like...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Shake The Shackles

Dunno how this band manage to sound So. Bloody. Amazing. They've taken their time over the past couple of years to write some more songs that are just gonna crawl right under your skin and party like the ones did on their debut. Except, if this single's owt to go by, they're gonna party even harder till dawn and beyond. And then some! What i...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Nature Noir

I came into the office today to be greeted with the words “I want you to do 15 reviews today.” No pressure then. As I cast my eyes across the barren Wednesday review mountain I spotted this third full-length effort from Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts, their first LP for ...view item »

Crystal Stilts
In Love With Oblivion

I missed these live in action the other day so only have my imagination instead of memories to go by when I dream of Frankie Rose battering her skins in a proper voodoo garage style. I think as far as forging their own creaky, dusty take on 60's flecked indie rock they've done yet another admirable job. Much like on their debut, this NY crew hav...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Radiant Door

Who is your favourite crystal? Castles, Fighters, Stilts or Antlers? Stilts make a good attempt to become kings of the crystals with this smart new EP. Choc full of top notch beat pop tunes that recall New Zealand's pop heroes The Clean, scary 60's garage, all manner of New York cool fr...view item »

Comet Gain / Crystal Stilts
Working Circle Explosive! / Through The Floor

Shambling indie-punkers extraordinaire Comet Gain always get my vote. The singer once came up to me & thanked me for playing his favourite song (Camera Camera by The Teardrop Explodes) at a gig once so he's eternally on my hypothetical Xmas card list, as it's probably my fave song ever too!) Their side of this quite unexpected split is a shr...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Love Is A Wave

What's this, a Jesus and Mary Chain B-side? Only joking, Crystal Stilts! I know you love it. Actually these have grown on me a fair bit over the past few months, I can definitely see the appeal in their reverb-laden pan-decade melting pot. Aside from the obvious nod to the early/mid 80s in the production sound they've clearly got 60s garage bands a...view item »

Crystal Stilts

I really like Crystal Stilts but have suffered a slight problem with the vocals, as if they're merely incidental and detract from the relative richness & smoky analogue production of their 60's garage/noir-wave. It's not that they're remotely bad, or annoying. I merely wish they had a feisty female vocal to bounce of the slightly blurred sub JAMC...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Alight Of Night

Yes their 'Alight of Night' LP has been pressed up over here by UK post punk revivalist label Angular and aye, it's a complete grower of the highest order indeed. Crystal Stilts are a slowly expanding NY unit. A lot has been made of their sound, from people enthralled by the snaky, smoky garage sound they employ to the blurred, disembodied / monoto...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Crystal Stilts

I laughed at the label blurb on this one saying that comparing Crystal Stilts to The Jesus and Mary Chain is lazy, it kind of highlights the fact that it's inescapably true since they feel the need to go out of their way to dispute it. There are times on this self-titled six track mini-LP where the songs sound like they're going to morph into JAMC ...view item »