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Brian Eno
Before and After Science

Eno's first four solo albums are all among the most underrated releases of the 1970s. Experimental, catchy and genre-hopping releases similar to that of contemporary David Bowie over the same period. Before and After Science might even be the pick of the bunch, combining the best elements of Taking Tiger Mountai...view item »

Jon Hassell & Brian Eno
Fourth World Vol 1: Possible Musics

Fourth World Vol. 1 is one of Brian Eno's most underrated collaborative records, offering a different perspective on his ambient compositions by way of percussionist and trumpeter Jon Hassell. It questioned the paradigms of "world" music and also queried what the term would imply in the f...view item »

Kevin Ayers - John Cale - Eno - Nico
June 1, 1974

Some A&R guy at Island Records suggested that Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Eno and Nico, a real bunch of musical mavericks, get together for a gig in an attempt to promote Island as a rock label. All four artists had recently signed with the label and had released, or were about ...view item »

Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno
Apollo - Atmospheres & Soundtracks

The genius of Ambient does it again. Included is what I consider one of the best songs ever written: An Ending (Ascent). The rest of the album doesn't disappoint. A few songs approach (but never touch) the brilliance of An Ending (Ascent). The rest is pretty good filler, but remember: Brian Eno's filler is everyone else's best effort. This album...view item »

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy) is the second solo album by Brian Eno and was the first to employ his oblique strategies cards. Like a lot of Eno's early solo work some of the music is surprisingly upbeat an accessible at times but also delves deep into the sort of dense art rock that his work with Roxy...view item »

Brian Eno
Music For Installations

New and unreleased works from the dome headed genius behind such albums as Coldplay's 'Mylo Xyloto'. This is a collection of original recordings from 1986 to date of music recorded for use in installations. Various versions available including super 6CD box set that you will only be able to afford if you are Jacob Rees-Mogg.&nbs...view item »

Brian Eno with Kevin Shields
The Weight Of History / Only Once Away My Son

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Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno
Finding Shore

Tom Rogerson might be familiar to you for his lightning keyboard runs in Three Trapped Tigers, but here he works in a different milieu and with a different collaborator: Brian Eno himsel...view item »

Here Come The Warm Jets

Here Come the Warm Jets was Brian Eno's debut solo album, credited under the name Eno it marked a continuation from the glam/art rock of Roxy Music but with a much more experimental bent. Tracks like the storming opener Needles in a Camel's Eye and Baby's On Fire anticipate the forward thinking art rock...view item »

Brian Eno

Ambient music pioneer and all-round legend Brian Eno is back on Warp records with Reflection. In Eno’s own words this double vinyl LP and CD returns to his his earliest ideas about composing so-called ambient music and is as blissful, complex, demanding and beguiling as any of his music fr...view item »

Brian Eno
The Ship

A new Brian Eno album is always something to get excited about, but particularly after a four year wait and in collaboration with the iconic Warp records. The Ship is Eno on classic form, creating beautiful ambient music built from minimalist drones. Here he's also particularly fascinated w...view item »

Brian Eno
My Squelchy Life

Y'all know who Brian Eno is so I'll spare the ambient adjectives. Back in the day, My Squelchy Life was sent out to the presses before being dramatically recalled; that drama doesn't signify anything about its quality, as it remains a stellar and interesting pop album from an artist who was master of...view item »
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Brian Eno

As with all Eno's 'Music For...’ series there'll be those that sneer with derision at the supposed nothingness and futility of ambient because they think all music should be thick with meaning and purpose and drive. They forget to consider that this genre...view item »

Brian Eno
Nerve Net - Expanded Edition

'Nerve Net' was one of many slightly different experiments Brian Eno conjured up towards the end of the 20th century. Deeming his pure ambient compositions to have had a good run, he turned to a few other musical standards: jazz and rock 'n' roll were his two preferences on this release, which saw Eno in much chirpier spirits than usual. And hey...view item »
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Brian Eno
The Shutov Assembly - Expanded Edition

Out on All Saints is the new reissue on vinyl LP and CD of Brian Eno's '92 droner The Shutov Assembly - Expanded Edition. Made primarily for his artist pal Sergi Shutov, TSA is akin to Eno's earlier capacious work's, yet it develops into a slightly more sinister and angular persona. Perhaps thi...view item »

Brian Eno
The Drop

This is not Brian Eno's dubstep album. 'The Drop' is a largely formless collection of ambient soundscapes in the vein of the producers best and most influential works, combining his disciplines with abundant melodies. Originally released towards the turn of the century, like 'Another Green World' happening all over again, a little bit quieter....view item »

Brian Eno
Neroli - Expanded Edition

Sometimes it's good to just always be listening to Brian Eno. 'Neroli' is part of a reissue campaign that features many of his latter-day works -- this particular record was originally released in '93, in a decade where Eno was having a bit of an existential crisis over what approach he should take to his ambient compositions. Here, we just get ...view item »
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Brian Eno

Brian Eno's newest record is actually more of the old -- 'Textures' features a collection of previously unreleased ambient compositions alongside those that were used for Eno's project 'Music For Films III'. The work was commissioned by the Standard Music Library, who work in the realm of TV and film scoring....view item »
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Harold Budd & Brian Eno
Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror

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Brian Eno
Live At The BBC

This is a natty little snapshot of Eno performing early catalogue live. For that reason alone this LP is worth a look, and given that it has that added naughty whiff of bootleg about it, there's a further cheeky element of excitement in not being entirely sure what you'll get. The tracks on offer seem to be drawn from two broadcasts, one of better ...view item »
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Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland
Panic Of Looking

Baldy ambient pioneer and cat loving genius Brian Eno returns with Rick Holland in tow for another instalment of poetry/spoken word. I haven't heard the duo's previous outing 'Drums Between The Bells' so I can't make general comparisons in quality but I perceive this to a worthwhile ventu...view item »
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Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland
Drums Between The Bells

His last album got a mauling by the egg-head brigade for being stuck up a tree meditating whilst wearing falafel and goat cheese sandals and a kaftan, all the while refusing to acknowledge 20+ years of electronic musical progress. I thought it were OK, a bit dull at times with the occasional promising excursion into deep moody sonic territor...view item »

Brian Eno
Small Craft On A Milk Sea

Warp Records have some great electronic music producers under their umbrella but this recent signing may well be their ultimate score for sometime, possibly even ever, for the man Eno has now joined their esteemed ranks. The man needs no introduction so onto the music. 'Opener Emerald and Lime' is a gorgeous way to begin with sublime treated pia...view item »
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Brian Eno
Ambient 1: Music For Airports

Brian Eno's seminal masterpiece is quite simply beyond being among the best ambient albums of all time. The fact that this album was recorded in 1978 is very impressive, since it became a landmark of the ambient movement to follow in future decades. But the fact that it was recorded at all and it reaches such levels of (almost) painful beauty wo...view item »

Harold Budd & Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois
The Pearl

I have several other Brian Eno albums, and this one fits right in with the rest. It is a beauty to behold. It is really relaxing and conjures imagery in your mind's eye. It tells a story, and you can tag along to see the story unfold. What you perceive is largely determined by your mindset at the time when you listen to it. If you are stressed o...view item »

Brian Eno
Ambient 4: On Land

On Land is probably the hardest of all Eno discs to describe. It would be one thing if it was simply made with treated notes or tape loops, as with Discreet Music or the previous Ambient albums. It would be one thing if he was using minimal melodies meant to be ignored. On Land is all and none of those. It uses musical elements but isn't music; ...view item »

Brian Eno & David Byrne
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Not since the Beatles reissues has a remastering provided such a dramatic improvement. Although it doesn't say so, I'd suspect engineer Greg Calbi (who mastered the original album) went back to the original 24-track masters, meticulously cleaned up each individual track, then recombined them digitally for maximum clarity. These don't sound like ...view item »

Brian Eno
Discreet Music

For an artist that has helped shape the musical map since the 70's, and remained a sterling producer, and also has an album work rate to put most musicians to shame, it's truly surprising that Brian Eno, has so many absolutely essential albums to his name. One of the early masterpieces of ambient music, Eno's "Discreet Music" really defies descr...view item »

Brian Eno
More Music For Films

When I saw that this was coming out, I was immediately excited, since the original MUSIC FOR FILMS was such a unique collection at the time of its release. This latest version (and some of the tracks are just that -- versions of earlier releases) doesn't break any new ground, but fans of Eno will likely want to have a copy for their collections ...view item »

Another Green World

Another Green World is Brian Eno's third solo album and marks the beginning of his move from rock-based compositions to the ambient work he pursued in the late '70s. It contains some of his best known tracks such as St Elmo's Fire and the beautiful title track and is notable for guest spots from Robert Frip...view item »

David Byrne and Brian Eno
Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

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Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, Scott Walker, Various
Plague Songs

Strangest compilation of the month must be this PLAGUE SONGS thang on 4AD, an eclectic roster of 10 artists having being commissioned to write a song about one of the ten deadly biblical plagues. Interesting concept indeed! Starting off with the vicious Plan B-esque gritty UK hip hop of Kalashnikoff (Blood),  collapsin...view item »
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Brian Eno
Music For Films

The Bonce himself gets his 1978 LP Music For Films reissued. This is, y’know, one of those Brian Eno albums. Sure, it’s a bit of an odds-and-sods collection; yes, the tracks here are quite short when compared to the long-form half-music of something like Music For Airports; OK, it’s not that s...view item »