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After seven albums and multiple releases through Werk Discs and R&S records, Lone is dropping his first ever commercial mix. Features exclusive new productions from himself as well as tracks from Drexciya(CD Only), Boards Of Canada, Radiohead, Gnork, and man...view item »


Lone again, naturally. Matt Cutler's been doing this music thing for quite a while now -- 'Levitate', his sixth album under this moniker, gets an upgrade in tempo, revelling in ecstatic breakbeats and a love of jungle. It's a switch up from the arguably chiller music he's been making of late....view item »

Airglow Fires

The new Lone (a.k.a Matt Cutler) single is banging! If you thought last year’s ‘Galaxy Garden’ was killer then you’re totally gonna dig this. It takes the fundamental sonic template laid down on ‘GG’ and deconstructs the shit out of it introducing elements of hip-hop (there&r...view item »

Galaxy Garden

This is one of those dance music records. Or is it dank music? I'm not sure, I think it's with a soft C. Anyway, basically you just move your body along to the music for an extended period of time. It's wild. More specifically, th...view item »

Reality Testing

Matt Cutler (a.k.a Lone) is back with his fifth full length LP. 2012’s ‘Galaxy Garden’ seriously blew me away with it’s technicolour production and lush melodies so there’s been some anticipation in my mind in regard to ‘Reality Testing’. Lead off single, the reassuringly kick-ass ‘Airglow Fires&rs...view item »

Crystal Caverns 1991

We're ravin' on up here to this slab of retrotastic bouncy revivilist rave which belts along at breakneck speed  sounding uncannily like 'Pump up the Jam' on the title track with lots of authentic touches that recall the old hardcore sound. I won't know, I spent the summer of 1991 w...view item »

Echo Locations EP

I think I must have had my head up my arse to have been so late properly checking out the Lone tracks. Simply not enough hours in the day but I did clock the last album which got me well interested. R&S are hoovering them all up again, just like back in the day as fellow techno heads will well be aware. The labeling on this first clear vinyl...view item »


A modern classic from Lone, Lemurian gets the re-issue treatment in fully remastered style. Available on vinyl for the first time it features new artwork and a spot gloss cover. Contemporary balearic vibes just in time for summer. Out on CD, vinyl LP and limited edition pink vinyl LP from Dealmaker Records and Magic Wir...view item »