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DMX Krew
Malekko Phase Mod

Performing under various aliases throughout his career, electronica artist Edward Upton’s latest DMX Krew release Malekko Phase Mod fits effortlessly into a line of work that goes back to the mid-Nineties. Classic, Chicago acid house beats, rubbery basslines and squidgy synths are the name of the game, with four laid-back tracks split over a 12” EP.

DMX Krew
5 Ways 2 Jack

5 Ways To Jack EP is five tracks of DMX Krew having a really good time. An inspired combination of gems that roam from classic Yorkshire bleep 'n' bass, anthemic Chicago acid house to grimy underground acid with a strange but effective diversion into ragga with a rendition of Lil Louis' classic ‘Original Video Clash’.
  • Vinyl 12" (SRTX004)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

DMX Krew
Glad To Be Sad

Does DMX Krew ever sleep? Maybe he’s found a way to work while he gets his 40 winks, because it’s surely impossible to be this prolific with the daylight hours alone. After three EPs in the space of as many months the Breakin’ Records boss now comes through with a whole full-length for Hypercolour. Glad To Be Sad is, of course, a superb collection of retro-tinged house and electro.
  • Vinyl Double LP (HYPELP12)
  • £22.99 £19.54 (saving: £3.45)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

DMX Krew
What Happened to Peace?

The man makes a good point - What Happened To Peace? We may never know, but at least nothing much has happened to DMX Krew in the 20-odd years that the one born Edward Upton has been releasing music. This new EP, like so many of his others, sees the Breakin’ Records boss serve up yet more slamming electro goodness.

DMX Krew
Stellar Gateway

That cover looks familiar, doesn’t it? Almost like the stellar gateway scene from - oh, right. I see. DMX Krew (the primary of Rephlex and Breakin’ Records resident Edward Upton’s many, many pseudonyms) brings you Stellar Gateway, his new EP of crisp and gently acidic electro-grooves. Slightly less terrifying and considerably funkier than its Kubrickian namesake.

DMX Krew
Libertine Traditions 07

Libertine Records (Yoshi, Neuro-D) lock down the latest bit from DMX Krew. Much like the underground legend’s recent releases for Central Processing Unit and Super Rhythm Trax, Traditions 07 is full of crisp electro jams. Side B sees the producer on a vaguely cosmic flex that brings to mind a more rough-and-ready approximation of Space Dimension Controller.
  • Vinyl 12" (TRAD07)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

DMX Krew
Strange Directions

Never one to sit still, British producer DMX Krew has had releases on Ekster, Shipwrec, Strange Life, Central Processing Unit and Rephlex, and now brings his 21st album to Hypercolour, aptly sharing the platform with the likes of Matthew Herbert and Luke Vibert. Strange Directions is a heady slab of IDM/electronica made up of slick synthetic breaks and razor-sharp electronics.

DMX Krew
Peripheral Visions

Few electronic artists have been as prolific as DMX Krew, aka shape-shifting hardware and house/electro addict Ed DMX, and kept the quality consistently so high. Five tracks of acid continue the heavy abuse his 303 must have seen, with lead cut ‘Acid Arthur’ a tribute to his (obviously inspirational) dad, whose voice is sampled on the track.

DMX Krew
Generic Wizard​

With releases on Hypercolour, Ekster, Central Processing Unit, and Rephlex, Ed Upton brings his DMX Krew moniker to Shipwrec to help celebrate 50 releases. Acidic and vibrant electro jams with seemingly bottomless energy, with tracks like Bush Baby Bug Eyes getting the pulse twitching and then switching to 80s montage-esque chords of Language Response and Irrational Momentum.

DMX Krew
The Wiggly Worm

Edward Upton’s career as DMX Krew is almost as old as rave itself. Having seen it all and done it all, it makes sense that he’s teamed up with premier rave revivalists Super Rhythm Trax for a set of no-bullshit bangers. From the chirpy electro of ‘Grand Tour’ to the title track’s energetic jack, every one of these cuts will sound superb at 3am. Limited 12”.

DMX Krew

Veteran producer DMX Krew drops 6 new lively ones on the world. The contents of Mini-Owner are wonderful: shiny, sunny and happy without lapsing into predictability. Proper-electro funk rhythm-churn and colourful summer-evening synthlines flying all over the place: lovely work. Released via Holland’s Shipwrec label.

Mind Mechanixx

EDMX have some real good and gnarly beat trax for you to enjoy on Mind Mechanixx. Heavy, pounding electro-industrial rhythms leave no room for maneuver: you will submit to the distorted 4/4 thuds, like it or not. Flares of acid squeeze in round the sides too, it’s all very nice. 5 track 12” on Power Vacuum.

DMX Krew
Space Cucumbers

Space Cucumbers sound delicious don’t they? Full of nutritious cosmic goodness. That’s more or less what DMX Krew delivers here on this CPU 12”: a handful of tracks that mix Italo disco and acid techno into a funky electro brew. Heady material really. Released by Central Processing Unit, with the catalogue number CPU001001110.

Wicked Drummer

'Wicked Drummer' is a pretty awesome name for an EP, but it's not all that straight-forward: EDMX, and his brand of too-real-for-you electro, is a little more out there. He's a producer who knows his way around the UK dance scene but loves to blend all of its ingredients together: from garage to house to acid. Skrufix is releasing 'Wicked Drummer' as part of their dance-orientated series so the world can hear EDMX's warped concoction.

EDMX, Yuri Suzuki & Qwerty

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