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Eyeless In Gaza
Winter Sang

I'll tell you one thing. Eyeless In Gaza don't sound like a band who've been about for 38 years. Having counted how many albums they've released I can say with certainly that Winter Sang is around their twentieth. An album of upbeat and energetic cosmic rock with a punk-ish attitude, it's truly a testament of the band that they've kept it up for so long.

Martyn Bates
I Said to Love

I Said To Love is the 16th solo album from Martyn Bates. Bates is also known for his work in experimental duo Eyeless In Gaza. The album is a pleasing clash of introspective singer/songwriter style songs and more noisy, complex songs sung by Martyn Bates and Elizabeth S. CD on Ambivalent Scale Recordings.
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Eyeless In Gaza
Sun Blues

Eyeless In Gaza continue on their more-or-less unique sonic journey, more than 35 years into the trip. Sun Blues sounds at once just like moody 80’s pop music (Martyn Bates’ vocals) and like an avant-garde piece: the mix of each track is teeming with intriguing little bits and pieces. Sun Blues is released by Ambivalent Scale Recordings.

Eyeless In Gaza
Original Albums Boxset

Eyeless In Gaza were a post-punk outfit from Warwickshire who were active in the 80s and helped keep it moody, moving with a similar trajectory to Talk Talk from a poppy sound to sombre New Wave shores. Fronted by Martyn Bates and his untrained, boozy vocal, the band went on to make music based around dark synths, field recordings and noise. 'Original Albums Boxset' captures the band as they went through their many different stylistic incarnations, featuring four records released in the early eighties, a bunch of rarities and a lot of educational sleeve notes about the band's time together. 
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