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Richard Dawson Vinyl, CD & tapes by Richard Dawson at Norman Records

If he was in an RPG he'd be a bard.¬†Richard Dawson¬†sprouted out of the Newcastle avant-garde scene like a medieval storyteller, his guitar spindlings and hear-ye howls inviting listeners to gather 'round his soap box. He's been an improvising noise...read more »

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Richard Dawson

Despite album artwork and a title that seem like they belong to an Ed Sheeran record, '2020' in fact belongs to the UK's other great singer songwriter slash troubadour. I am of course talking about the wonderful Richard Dawson, who has helped drag the UK folk tradition into 2020 and beyond. 
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  • Vinyl Double LP (WEIRD120LP)
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Hen Ogledd

Hen Ogledd is, if you remember, the project started by folk maverick Richard Dawson alongside harpist Rhodri Davies. Here, they are joined by Sally Pilkington and Dawn Bothwell to make music which, if you believe the Guardian (and often it's a good idea not to) sounds more like electro-pop than the improvised folk you might expect.   

Richard Dawson

The new album from Richard Dawson is a notable new epic from the Tyneside master, featuring more guest musicians than ever before. Peasant’s songs are all set in the pre-medieval north-east, with each title naming a figure: ‘Weaver’, ‘Herald’, ‘Beggar’. It’s the most fully-fledged work yet by Dawson, and it's out on Weird World.

Hen Ogledd

Check this hot combo: experimental harp extraordinaire Rhodri Davies, the magical folk hero Richard Dawson and Dawn Bothwell aka Pentecostal Party. There is even a guest appearance from Laura Cannell hiding in the mix somewhere… Bronze is a highly expressive swarm of communal improvisation on varied instrumentation: remarkable sounds. 250 LP copies on alt.vinyl.

Richard Dawson
Nothing Important

'Nothing Important' is the new record from Newcastle's great warped folkie, Richard Dawson. You never know what you're going to get with this maverick -- huge, boisterous vocal chanting or ornate guitar compositions -- but this record sees him stretch out into the long-form, offering a rare few tracks that document vignettes about life in sixteen minute bursts. 'Nothing Important' includes a song about the first time Dawson got pissed. Wicked. It's kinda like the super avant-garde version of 'Benji'.

Richard Dawson
The Glass Trunk

This was the album where Richard Dawson was commissioned to write a musical response to a local Newcastle museum's archives. He set about creating six acapella pieces of varying length plus shorter musical interludes. Partly an endurance test, partly a fascinating new and original take on folk music,  he comes up with the sort of sound which would see him beaten to a pulp if he tried to play it to revellers at the city's Biggmarket on a Saturday night. Nicely re-issued by Weird World.   

Richard Dawson
The Magic Bridge

Richard Dawson. He does what he likes basically and that's why we and many others love him so. His career has stumbled drunkenly from relatively straightforward beginnings through dysfunctional folk music to the avant pop artist we know today. The Magic Bridge contains the first signs that he would become (in this writer's words) something like a cross between Paul Gascoigne and Captain Beefheart. Tastefully re-issued by the good people at Weird World.  
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