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Never Forever

French ultra-slow doomers Monarch return to the Profound Lore label with their eighth full length Never Forever. Taking doom down to an atmospheric wall of sound they create the low end power of Sunn O)) with vocals that cross from ethereal and harmonic to blood curdling shrieks. Bludgeoning and bleak. FFO Big Brave etc..
  • CD (PFL192)

Two Isles

Monarch have been hanging out in sunny San Diego for so long now that they can’t help but sound lounged-out and relaxed. Their debut album Two Isles is a psych-tinged, slightly-stoned rock record that feels in no hurry to go anywhere too soon: each song is comfortable just doing it’s cool groovy thing. It’s enough to make you jealous of all these Californians… On El Paraiso Records.
  • Vinyl LP (EPR035LP)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (EPR035CD)


Monarch have done the only decent thing and offered listeners more of their diseased drone squalor to wallow in -- 'Omens' is their sixth record, and bleeds together their overwhelmingly loud ambient settings -- with what sounds like dissonant sustained notes being played on a dusty organ -- with what sounds like a choir of groaning mortals. It's hard to tell if anyone's actually singing, but 'Omens' is all the better for that: this is drone made by ghosts. Watch out for the bit where the drums and death metal screams come in, and hell becomes a real thing, rather than just a hypothetical situation.
  • Vinyl LP (MUF023LP)