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Heralds of Change
Puzzles EP

Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke cop a reissue of their 12” Puzzles EP ten years after its initial release. With charming titles such as ‘Future’, ‘Spotted’ an...view item »

Hudson Mohawke
Ded Sec - Watch Dogs 2 (Original Soundtrack)

To end a massive 2016(having worked with ANOHNI and Kanye West), Hudson Mohawke released a bunch of original material he had worked on for the soundtrack to the open world hacking game Watch Dogs 2. Featuring his trademark glitchy hip-hop beats and distorted low end trap horns in cinema...view item »


Is there any artist more needed in the world right now than Anohni? If anyone has access to Donald Trump's ears then please play '4 Degrees' over and over again into them until they bleed sanity. This follow up EP was obviously written before all the recent lunacy but couldn't be better timed. Lead track 'Paradise' is an excelle...view item »

Hudson Mohawke

Pretty much the uncrowned king of saturation, Hudson Mohawke is infamous for his lush beats and the dirty drops released under TNGHT. His newest album takes him back from his adventures as a featured producer to a solo artist, inviting his friends to participate in his own project. Lantern will treat us...view item »

Hudson Mohawke

"Chimes" is one of producer Hudson Mohawke's most ubiquitous cuts, and it fronts this EP of the same name. It's the follow-up to HudMo's last EP in 2011, Satin Panthers, and comes after the break-up of his act TNGHT, as well as his success working with Kanye West on 'Yeezus'. After eons of collaboration, 'Chimes' thrusts HudMo back into the lime...view item »

Hudson Mohawke
Satin Panthers

I like what I've heard of Hudson Mohawke but I'm no expert so forgive my slightly misinformed review. 'Satin Panthers' sees the return of Hudson Mohawke (a.k.a Paul Birchard) after a year of silence but it looks to have been worth the wait as this five trac...view item »

Hudson Mohawke

I reckon Hudson Mohawke's easily got the best sleeve of anything in this week.. If you had that on a t-shirt you could be otherwise bollock naked and nobody'd even notice. I've got to be honest, I previously thought this guy was horrendously overhyped and I wondered what on Earth Warp thought they were doing by signing him but Butter has won me ove...view item »

Hudson Mohawke
Polyfolk Dance

Hudson Mohawke makes his debut for Warp with a highly anticipated 6 track EP entitled 'Polyfolk Dance' This Glasgow based producer has been hailed as somewhat of a prodigy and he's certainly talented. This doesn't really blow my socks off but then stuff that gets all hyped up in inevitably a disappointment. However this is accomplished stuff that's...view item »

Nadsroic & Hudson Mohawke
Room Mist

'Room Mist' is the first release from Nadsroic who are Glasgwegian Singer/Rapper Ciorsdan Brown and producer Hudson Mohawke. You'd think these players we're from Brooklyn or something cause this is some crazy genre mashing party shit yo! Each side features three tracks of gnarly dancefloor freakouts for the creatively astute listener who also enjoy...view item »

Hudson Mohawke

Hud Mo: Oops (Lucky Me) Harking back to the days when Richard X spliced up a R&B vocal over some electro-boffin break, Hudson Mohawke-as maybe his mum would call him, makes the sort of track that probably get's the girls on the dancefloor while all the boys scowl around the edges. Much like the Rustie effort mentioned elsewhere, this seems to refer...view item »

Hudson Mohawke
Star Crackout

For some reason I was wondering what Hudson Mohawk sounds like yesterday so it was a nice surprise to find this 'Star Crackout' 7" waiting for me when I got in today.. Trouble is, I still don't really know what he sounds like since we're pretty flummoxed as to which speed this bastard should be on since it sounds equally right/wrong on either....view item »