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Tangerine Dream
Quantum Key

Pushing through a curtain of archival reissues, here comes brand new work from the legendary synth-lords Tangerine Dream! The current, post-Froese line-up of the band have worked up some suitably epic and soulful electronic odysseys that should more than ...view item »

Tangerine Dream
Sessions 1

Throughout their long career, kosmische pioneers Tangerine Dream have been renowned for their impressive live shows. This latest LP sets out to prove that, despite having been at it for about a half-century at this stage, the group can still teach the new guard a thing or two. Both sides - A was recorded in Budapest, wh...view item »

Tangerine Dream
Miracle Mile

Steve De Jarnatt's Miracle Mile is a niftily contained apocalypse movie in which our societal collapse takes place through one day/night cycle. The score was done by the usually chill Tangerine Dream, who ramped tension up through forty minutes of feverish synth phenomena. It's both a testament to the sin...view item »

Tangerine Dream
Quantum Gate

Some 50 years in 'the biz' later, Tangerine Dream have never settled for less than innovation. Edgar Froese sadly left us in 2015 but his latest updated vision for the totemic band is now laid out for all to hear, on Quantum Gate. Remaining members Quaeschning, Schnauss and Yamane promise a contemporary evolution of the...view item »

Paul Haslinger
Halt and Catch Fire (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

Halt And Catch Fire is a TV series that looks back knowingly (longingly?) at the early days of the Internet in the 1980’s, so it is highly appropriate that Paul Haslinger’s original soundtrack engages with the era in much the same way. Of course, dramatic synthscapes are no problem for Haslinger...view item »

Tangerine Dream
Alpha Centauri

In a way, this album kinda gives off the impression of being on another planet. And supported by the vision of a science fiction writer about space, conceptualised by a visionary from perhaps the 1930s. The eerie effects of space ships and humming energy fields really gives off the effect of no longer being of this earth. You are mildly introduc...view item »

Tangerine Dream

Let's not go on about Tangerine Dream like you don't know they exist. Kosmische pioneers have made some of history's greatest ambient records and they made some soundtracks now and then too -- if you can believe it Particles is a monolithic record of actual new material, plus live editions and a part...view item »

Tangerine Dream
Out Of This World

Out Of This World is a Tangerine Dream compilation assembled by Edgar Froese’s widow, with a focus on later period works that best showcase his synth imaginings. Double gatefold LP, packaged with rare photographs in the sleeve notes and pressed to tangerine vinyl (of course), in a limited edition ...view item »

Tangerine Dream
Reims Cathedral, December 1974 & Mozarthalle, Mannheim October 1976

Two monumental live performances from Tangerine Dream’s mid-1970’s peak here. Reims Cathedral, December 1974 & Mozarthalle, Mannheim October 1976 stretch their cosmic synth explorations over a whole four discs. Dream fans mark these as the absolute cream of the bootlegs, so good on React...view item »

Tangerine Dream

'Phaedra' is a touchstone in ambient and electronic music alike, often considered to be the Berlin band's greatest record. Soaked in layers of moog synthesizer, organs and piano, the record remains a prime example of what the word soundscape truly means, although Tangerine Dream also had a knack for developing their sound into something more pul...view item »

Tangerine Dream
The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1

This is the classic Tangerine Dream live experience. I've heard their chopped up remasters of concerts (Ricochet, Soundmill Navigator) and hissy bootlegs of some of these same concerts and in both cases was disappointed but in this case I was totally and pleasantly surprised. Every concert on here is a classic and they all are unique and improvi...view item »

Tangerine Dream

"Atem" was Tangerine Dream's fourth album, released in 1973. In many ways, it marks the group's furthest departure from the world of rock and pop and the closest they ever came to the sound world of the classical avant garde. It is interesting to note that, for the first time, no guest musicians are credited, suggesting that the group of Edgar F...view item »

Tangerine Dream
The Virgin Years: 1977-1983

The actual recordings presented here are among some of my favourites of the era, and somehow still sound like "future music" even decades after the new electronic frontier they represented has become mainstream. The fact that some albums are split between CDs is not especially annoying to me because the original presentation on LP also had such ...view item »

Tangerine Dream

Think back to 1972, when Tangerine Dream delivered their third studio album, Zeit. Unlike their first two albums, and much of their later work, Zeit is an abstract dark ambient monolith, containing four vinyl-side-long tracks, totalling over seventy musics of sound. From massed violas to colossal Moog space-dri...view item »

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