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These Oh Sees, eh? One of the first bands to decide, hey, let's add an E onto that The, you can hardly accuse them of not innovating. Few bands have given more to psyche in the modern era than these lot, a band of melodic rabble-rousers who could more »

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Thee Oh Sees
Carrion Crawler / The Dream

It's getting to be a bit tense in the office these days, for when a new Thee Oh Sees record comes in there's more than half of us clamouring to review it. That's known in the trade as a fan-boy tussle. Mike got the last one, Business Lady has reviewed more Dwyer & co records than sh...view item »

Thee Oh Sees / Total Control

John Dwyer's Castleface imprint delivers the goods with a split from his own Thee Oh Sees project and new Australian lads Total Control, a fresh bunch made up of UV Race/Eddy Current Suppression Ring members. Thee Oh Sees kick out full live band reworkings of various OHSEES favourites inc...view item »

Oh Sees
Smote Reverser

Seemingly incapable of stopping making music for one second, this is Oh Sees 6th album in the last three years if you include Thee Oh Sees and OCS in that tally. Yet Dwyer keeps pushing forward with his double drum line up with all kinds of alumni making guest appearances. Expect more scorching psych but this time with a heavy p...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Warm Slime

Damn! Thee Oh Sees like to keep busy. It seems like no time at all since i was placing 'Help' on my deck for it's first listen and they've released a whole bunch of stuff between then and new offering 'Warm Slime'. Well it's business as usual for Dwyer's crew...and that's good business. Recorded live by Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors guitarist and pro...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Mutilator Defeated At Last

Prolific Californian noisemakers Thee Oh Sees are back and thankfully sounding louder than ever: 2014’s ‘Drop’ was a comparatively mellow and varied offering following John Dwyer’s move from San Francisco to LA and his intention to take a “well deserved break”, making fans wonder if the days of heavy psych and...view item »

Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees really love ‘Fortress’ imagery don’t they? I’m sure this is the 3rd or 4th release associated with fortresses, always suggesting that John Dwyer’s garage-punk heroes are mounting a dramatic adventure. Lovely. The Fortress single is a stand-alone release recorde...view item »

Thee Oh Sees

Hurrah! A new Oh Sees record from those ever reliable folks at In The Red. It's hard to come up with anything new to say about this band. You're probably already familiar with them, they've been at the forefront of this latest garage rock boom for some time, but if not this is as good a time as any to get acquainted. This is an album full o...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Singles Collection Vol: 3

This seems to be a compilation of singles. The third one. I’m nothing if not perceptive! Here we have singles, rarities, covers, bits (and indeed bats) of stuff that are a lot easier to have all on one LP than to spend a fortune trying to get the originals... There is stuff from a split 7” with Turner prize nominated ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees

Hi. Below is some information regarding the new Oh Sees album - listen up. ‘Drop’ is a John Dwyer Oh Sees record, as with previous non-band outings like ‘Castlevania’ and such, yet it also sounds like a complete band outing which is reassuring. Sadly there’s no Brigid, no Petey (Dammit!) and no Mike whi...view item »

Memory Of A Cut Off Head

Full disclosure: I don't really like Thee Oh Sees. I've heard they are a brilliant live band but their records hurt my ears and are too garagey and rocking and full of guitar tomfoolery for me to enjoy on a regular basis. So I'm probably not best placed to know how to fit this into their ever expanding catalogue of music that seems to increasing...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Floating Coffin

We have a dilemma here at Norman Towers this week - do we award our coveted Album of the Week trophy to The Knife’s ambitious and sprawling new 3LP masterpiece or this latest offering from Californian garage rock overlords Thee Oh Sees? The notoriously prolific ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Putrifiers II

This is more than an EP, it's knocking on 40 minutes long and sports a walloping ten tracks to its name! What it is without a shadow of doubt, is the sound of Dwyer and co. flexing their creative muscles and diversifying in pace and style again after the frenzied psych-garage onslaught of 'Carrion C...view item »

Oh Sees

It was extremely important that they changed their name from Thee Oh Sees to Oh Sees, for you see… it… the… introducing Oh Sees, everybody! If I learned one thing from this week’s press release about the new Oh Sees album, it’s that they&...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
An Odd Entrances

Thee Oh Sees II: Still Seeing. On this companion piece, The Band With Two Drummers attempt to supplement their most recent and most fiery record with something like introspection, if not quite a facsimile of it. This record soaks in atmosphere in a way this band of perpetual motion miscreants would usually turn their nose up at -- we sa...view item »

Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees began life humbly enough as an outlet for Jon Dwyer (Pink and Brown, Coachwhips, Burmese, Hospitals to name but a few) to make folksy, experimental home spun recordings under the guise of O.C.S (Orange County Sound) and has, over the course of time, evolved into a full on quality band. Accompanied by guitarist Petey Dammit, drummer Mik...view item »

Damaged Bug
Bunker Funk

Castle Face founder and member of one of now’s biggest rawk bands John Dwyer is back from his latest studio cave to deliver a collection of softly wild scurrying songs with many electronics going haywire around him. All presented on a choice of black vinyl or a limited clear with multicoloured splatter version. Totally trippy, man. ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
A Weird Exits

“Two drummers!!!” is pretty much my favourite thing to say ever. Everyone’s impressed: not only one loud thing that neighbours complain about, but two. Two! For ‘A Weird Exits’ Thee Oh Sees finally employ their twin drums on a record, with Ryan Moutinho and Dan Rincon playing as percussive equals (rather than the ki...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In

Thee Oh Sees never caught a ride on the psych garage wave; they've lived on it, made their bed on it, champions of the genre and masters of its energy levels. The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In, originally released in 2008, showed them in peak form, covering their quick-fire melodies in a trench-coa...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Live In San Francisco

Thee banner garage rawk band played the Chapel out in San Francisco, launching their happy-go-lucky psychedelia into a crowd of possibly stoned hopefuls. This extensive set is presented not only as audio but in DVD format with photos to boot. Musically, it scales more towards their propulsive, loud, noisy side -- but th...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Singles Vol 1 and 2

Right. without a doubt these guys (& gal) are one of the most exciting, wired, bad-ass bands on the planet right now. I've seen them live & was loads more ecstatic & sweaty by the end of their set than a man my age has any right to be! True heirs to many rock thrones, they delight in throwing around genres till they reach a bruised, ...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Moon Sick

This is a great listen for anyone interested in John Dwyer and Thee Oh Sees early work. Even though these song have lo fi production they show John Dwyer's songwriting talent. It start with first track "Grown In A Graveyard" which starts with spooky synths and a steady drum beat. They also feature John Dwyers spooky guitars. This is followed by ...view item »

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