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White Denim

Imagine, if you will, a psych rock band who also enjoy the two greatest genres to grace our green planet: jazz and prog rock. Intending absolutely zero sarcasm with my last remark, I can now inform you that you need not imagine, as White Denim exist, ready-made, for your pleasure. They're back after a small time a...view item »

White Denim

I'm pretty sure I've written some words about White Denim in the past, I can't remember what though. I'm getting by on a small amount of brain cells these days. 'Fits' I think is their second album for Full Time Hobby. It combines elements of 60's psychedelic rock, with a bit of a garage/ blues feel. They're a pretty rockin bunch actually and they ...view item »

White Denim

White Denim’s high-energy garage/indie hybrid has always been built on loops developed in extensive jams. Stiff pushes this even further, in fact, making the songs looser than ever before. There’s bluesy riffing, weird little rockabilly breakdowns and a general experimental motivation to include what...view item »

White Denim
Workout Holiday

There's loads of bands with 'white' in their name at the moment and similarly there's loads of bands with black in the title. Lots of bands with wolf or wolves in their name. I wonder if its just because we are running out of words or are there so many bands now there's not enough words to go around. White Denim are hamstrung by having a very bad...view item »

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