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Aaron Martin
Touch Dissolves

Influence is usually a one way straight. A musician is inspired by something, that something is left in the lurch. On Touch Dissolves, Aaron Martin upsets the norm and finds himself in dialogue with photographer Yusuf Sevinçli. The result is a series of dynamic drones,...view item »

From the Mouth of the Sun
Sleep Stations

Leftover stuff from the Hymn Binding and Menashe sessions is what we have here, showing a fuller and heavier sound than was appropriate for Menashe especially. Yes, it’s From the Mouth of the Sun, known individually on Earth as indefatigable drone cellist Aaron Martin and fizzy d...view item »

Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek

After their Cello Recycling / Cello Drowning collaboration for Type in 2007, always-on microsound sculptor Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) and reputable ambient cellist Aaron Martin next joined forces in 2012, scoring a dance piece for Ivan Peréz. Here are the fruits of that commission, with l...view item »

Jeremy Young & Aaron Martin
A Pulse Passes from Hand to Hand

A Pulse Passes From Hand To Hand is the recorded debut of this collaborative project, in which Jeremy Young (Sontag Shogun) meets Aaron Martin. The two trade ambience back and forth to one another using cello, guitar and tapes; each track has a backbone of a looped fragment of pian...view item »

Aaron Martin
Worried About The Fire

here's the CD review!! Our very own Business Lady was just commenting that she's glad she's not into the stuff that always seems to come in these oversized packs 'cos it'd fuck up the carefully-arranged Habitat filing systems in her inner-city penthouse. Brian solves problems like these by losing difficult to store items before ...view item »

Various (Part Timer, Aaron Martin, Benoit Pioulard etc.)
Lost Tribe Sound - One

I'm only a coupla songs into this and it sounds mint! It's a 20 track comp featuring exclusive tracks by Part Timer, Benoit Pioulard, The Remote Viewer, Brael, Gavouna, Tokyo Bloodworm, Aaron Martin, Helios etc.... Loads of other folks as well. Basically, if you're into Type, Moteer/Mobeer then you're gonna love this as it's all of your favourit...view item »

Aaron Martin & Justin Wright
Light Poured Out Of Our Bones

Another potential dream marriage perhaps? Aaron Martin and Justin Wright (Expo 70)...nice!! This is on the Circa label (offshoot of Preservation) and these babies are all in themed packaging limited to 300 copies. I've liked everything I've heard from this series so far and I'd totally recommend picking up any you can find! Anyway this is we...view item »

Aaron Martin
Grass Rewound

Aaron Martin's new 3" CD on Under the Spire features his tracks being reworked by Part Timer and it's called Grass Rewound. If I was making a video for it I'd use backwards slow motion footage of loads of dogs vomiting out half-digested grass but not because it sounds like that, just because of its title. Now that I've made that clear I'll say...view item »

Aaron Martin
Night Erased Them All

I've not heard this chap appearing in ye olde analogue tape format before and certainly not heard him in this drone/dark ambient mode. I must say he turns his had to the style with a high level of competance. This was created as a sort of driving soundtrack for late night journeys along back roads of his native Kansas. It's evocative stuff to sa...view item »

Aaron Martin

I think I've enjoyed listening to everything I've heard by Aaron Martin. He's a supremely talented artist and his releases are getting stronger if 'Chautauqua' is anything to go by. The opener is fantastic with field recordings of bird calls, a most majestic organ, cello and some fabulous twinkles. This is his third album and it really does showcas...view item »

Aaron Martin
Grass Wounds

This weeks Under The Spire double header has Machinefabriek collaborator Aaron Martin playing his strings in his usual spine tingling style. What really surprised me on this disc was the appearance of the huge sounding church style organ. It really hits the spot. His cello playing is sublime and he really gets some powerful sounds going. I imagine ...view item »

Aaron Martin/ Part Timer
Seed Collection

Aaron Martin & Part Timer are the latest suspects lined up to commit music to one of those lovely Mobeer 2x3" sets. Beginning the first disc of 'Seed Collection' is what sounds like a stylophone being caressed by lots of growling waves of computer glitch and earthy crackle whilst possibly a ukelele or bonzai guitar is calmly plucked, the m...view item »

Machinefabriek & Aaron Martin
Cello Recycling/ Cello Drowning

Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek: "Cello Recycling / Cello Drowning" (Type) Two drawn out meditations sourced from experimentation with sounds from a Cello. Durational drone-tones incased in an almost islationist, enviromental ambient waves reminiscent of certain Kranky and Constellation artists. Like whales weeping this is no new age re...view item »