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Roll With The Punches (Kowton Linear Mix / Kowton Dub Mix)

Bristol's dubstep artist, curator and shopkeeper Peverelist gets his tune "Roll With the Punches" reworked on this 12" of the same name, with two attempts at the same remix tried on by another one of Bristol's notable electronic artists Kowton. He goes in for a dub remix the second time around, though you can only hear that one on vinyl. ...view item »


Peverelist is rightly treated as a legend within the UK bass etc. scene, as a producer, as a DJ, and as a label curator with Livity Sound. Here he offers up a full-length, packed to the rafters with inventive and enchanting techno-bass-??? Tracks. Tessellations is available on CD and double LP from (who else) Livity Sou...view item »

Undulate / Grit

Recently, Peverelist has usually contented himself with running the Livity Sound label and making music with different combinations of close collaborators. Undulate / Grit is the first new solo release from the guy in two years, and it is a big winner. Thick, heavy drums groove around plunging bass and melodic lines. Lo...view item »

Roll With The Punches / Die Brucke

Bristol-based Peverelist is on top form with this minimalist dubstep 12" released on self-run Punch Drunk records. Delicately produced yet not lacking in depth and well-rounded heaviness, it's easy to see how Tom Ford aka Peverelist is making a huge name for himself on the Bristol dubstep scene. Essential vinyl....view item »

Better Ways Of Living / Fighting Without Fighting

Now this is a nice surprise, haven't heard much from this fella in a while.. After a string of fantastic 12"s I've got to admit that I was pretty disappointed with the album but this one shows he's definitely still got the knack for singles which totally hit the spot and slickly defy easy categorisation. There's more electro in the addictively s...view item »

Infinity Is Now/ Junktion

Well I wanted one so I just had to be the man to review it! It's a lovely slab o' wax on Tectonic by Peverelist, an odd name indeed. This shady mate of Shackleton is from Bristol and all I can say is 'Junktion' from his Tectonic debut is sweet as a nut hypnotic dub techno with real soul. A retro space effect sample is delayed & echoed throughou...view item »

Pinch & Moving Ninja/ Peverelist
False Flag/ Junktion (Shed Remix)

Here's another entry into the Tectonic Plates series, the first side taken up by 'False Flag', a collaboration between Moving Ninja and label head Pinch with the flip offering up a Shed remix of Peverelist's 'Junktion' from that superb 12" last year. As you might expect, Shed totally strips the original down to its bare, percussive essentials ...view item »

Clunk Click Every Trip / Gather

Peverelist! Excitement! He's a bit of a favourite around here you know. One of the dons of the techno-y Bristol dubstep scene, his previous 12"s are pretty much all Ghostface Killah and 'Clunk Click Every Trip'/'Gather' is no different, sidestepping all the cliches to deliver a solid slab of the bloody future in the form of waxy stereo ammunition...view item »