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Evan Caminiti
Toxic City Music

Evan Caminiti has proven his drone composition powers time and time again in his group Barn Owl, so we can relax in the knowledge that this solo record is the work of a pro. Toxic City Music is a set of hazy and cracked music for deconstructed electric guitar technique, electronics and concréte s...view item »

Barn Owl & The Infinite String Ensemble
The Headlands

Just had a box land with some major releases including some titles on Important Records, The Eleh LP's sold out on pre-order but we do have some stock of this record and it's sounding totally mystical from the moment the needle hits the grooves. 'Levitation' is a powerful opener, a deeply meditative piece that recalls Catherine Christer Henn...view item »

Barn Owl

Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras are pretty reliable chaps, now five albums strong as a duo they’ve yet to unleash a turkey. Yes, the title is indeed a reference to the fact that this is their fifth album and sadly not a wink to the popular 1980s television se...view item »

Barn Owl

It feels as though little time has elapsed since Barn Owl's debut for Thrill Jockey, the excellent Ancestral Star, and then came a collaborative LP on Important records with Infinite String Ensemble. Now they return to Thrill Jockey with a three track EP that precedes a full length scheduled for later in the year...view item »

Barn Owl
Lost In The Glare

Woo! New Barn Owl is always a reason to celebrate. Though it's hardly celebratory music.... it's about as far away from party music as you can get to be honest.... so we've established Barn Owl ain't a party band. They're a band to sit in on your own and listen to while you're having a bleak moment or two. They do make some of the most movin...view item »

Barn Owl
Ancestral Star

Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras are back with their third album and it's a belter. Opener Sundown sets the scene with sustained doom riffs and it becomes clear from the off that these guys mean business and we're in for an epic ride. 'Nights Shroud' has an enticing loner feel to it evoking images and feelings ...view item »

Barn Owl
The Conjurer

The new Barn Owl LP kicks off super Earthy style. Earth as in Hex or The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull at least, that twangy Godspeed or Labradford-y guitar sound doing a slow motion country-tinged Morricone soundtrack sort of thing over heavy, considered drumming to create a thick atmosphere of bleak foreboding on the dusty plains. And a fin...view item »

Barn Owl/ Tom Carter

Blackest Rainbow continue there vinyl outings with a superb split by Barn Owl (Not Not Fun) and Tom Carter (Charalambides etc). Now before I talk about the music I'm going to declare my love for owls. I love owls. Now you may recall that Barnowl had a cassette out on this label earlier this year. Their sound is super dreamy and almost spiritual, ...view item »

Barn Owl
From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light

You can always rely on Not Not Fun to put out some weird mystical shit. This Barn Owl sleeve is just great with the four armed wolf stag type mythical creature. This slab of  wax, 'From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light' is a trip of drones and magical vocals. Like some psychedelic peyote trip in the desert somewhere between Bardo Pond and F...view item »