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The Field
Infinite Moment

Hope is something we could do with in 2018. Axel Willner AKA The Field had been toying with various new ideas for his sixth full length album before realising perhaps that we could do with an album that is warm and comforting. Therefore 'Infinite Moment' is hued with a rich gauze of straight to the heart electronics to soot...view item »

The Field
Yesterday and Today

The Field i've only just recently been getting into, this man who creates what Brett hilariously terms as "emo-house". I'm unsure how to categorise his music, i'd rather not. His tunes in the past have apparently been constructed from micro edited vocal snippets and this symphonic, hypnotic brand of minimal techno and house and has a simi...view item »

The Field
The Follower

Kompakt bring us The Field’s The Follower on CD and 180 gram vinyl. This album is six tracks of luscious long-form techno made from his trademark dense loops and beautiful textures. With even more of a kosmische element, this release is the perfect melancholic headphone music to drift off with....view item »

The Field
Looping State Of Mind

I never thought i'd be here listening to cosmic funky techno & stuttering synth loops in my own bloody home and actually enjoying it rather than shoving my stereo out of the window in blind desperate fury. But now is the schizophrenic Autumn of 2011 in confused old England and i'm totally loving Axel Willner's "difficult" third alb...view item »

The Field
Cupid's Head

Over the summer we went to a festival in North Lancs and after setting up stall in the bustling, excited campsite, we chilled with the customary beers in the sun and unwound for a while. After a few minutes of stoic silence, my friend who had been sat gazing at the glorious panoramic countryside away from the impending madness of the arena, at a...view item »

The Field
Cupid's Head Remixe II

The latest in the The Fields remix 12” series opens with a track you ‘ll need from the minute you set the needle on the wax. John Tejada’s take is a splendid effort. Starting quiggly with bursts of voice coming in and out of the mix it is soon ladled with the most brilliant bass-line wh...view item »

The Field
Cupid's Head Remixe 1

Being the absolute techno freak that I am you may be surprised to hear that I’ve never really been much of a fan of the output of the Kompakt label, with the exception of some of Wolfgang Voigt’s obviously great productions. Don’t ask me why but I’ve a...view item »

Various (The Field, Wolfgang Voigt, Gui Boratto, Michael Mayer etc.)
Total 11

I was once under the impression Kompakt was a dead-in-the-water minimal techno label that just shoveled bland, drippy 4/4 onto the market, years after it's initial glory days were over. Maybe in the mid 00's it had run out of steam a bit, I dunno - I certainly never dreamed i'd be intrigued & eager enough to buy anything brandishing THAT nam...view item »

The Field
From Here We Go Sublime

The very first album from The Field, Alex Willner’s minimal-techno-pop project, finds his sound fully developed. Endless repetitions of lush comfortable loops, with that ever-present 4/4 beat holding things together. This is actually the first time Here We Go Sublime has seen a proper vinyl release, so at last you...view item »