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Steven Rutter & John Shima
Step Into The Light

FireScope Records is run by one Steven Rutter who on Step Into The Light is collaborating with John Shima. These tracks all carry an optimism that is more than welcome in 2018. Addictive drum buttons layered with a warm ambience contrast with tracks that...view item »

Steven Rutter

Coloured vinyl klaxon! Double-disc alarm! Kickass artwork alert! If you're not already sold, a quick listen to the latest release from Steven Rutter—head honcho at FireScope Records—will do it. With 12 tracks of melancholic grooves, stomping techno and nods to classic hip-hop, 'BrainFog' travels from introspective do...view item »


Warp Records luminaries B12 announce the first reissue of their 1993 album Electro-Soma all remastered in a gatefold sleeve with an essay on B12, photos and more souvenirs. Alongside Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, and Autechre, B12 were pio...view item »

Steven Rutter
From Me To You

Since the early '90's Steven Rutter has been half of B12 alongside Mike Golding. Now he’s unleashing some uplifting techno, occasionally tempered with contemplative darkness on FireScope. Complete with his signature drum style and skillful programming of the ol’ 808, From M...view item »

Electro-Soma II

Alongside the reissue of B12’s Electro-Soma they have compiled a load more material taken from the time they were working on the album and created Electro-Soma II, a compilation of archival gold for everyone (who is a fan of the Artificial Intelligence series). Early 90s electronica/IDM originato...view item »

Electro-Soma I + II Anthology

Simultaneously releasing a massive reissue of their 1993 album Electro-Soma and a “Part II” made up of archived material from the album sessions, why not just get both? So B12 are offering a double CD set with both albums and a big booklet. Truly essential stuff from the early 90s warp era and for fans of ...view item »


B12 are a long-running duo working in and around the genres of techno and IDM. Their 90’s roots (they’ve been released on Warp Records) shine through on Mindbender, their new four-track release. Pressed to purple and black splatter vinyl on FireScope Records, which is a sub-label of the duo’s own B12 R...view item »


Warp records luminaries B12 dip in and out with flurries of activity. Here they have revisited the source material they used to make 2016’s BrokenUnbroken on Firescope. Whilst there are some recognisable elements here, this is certainly not a remix or rework album, but going to the same start point and ending up s...view item »

B12 ft. Yonii
In Vain

B12 are a long-running duo working in and around the genres of techno and IDM. Their 90’s roots (they’ve been released on Warp Records) shine through on this EP, which also features the sensitive vocals of Yonii. Her voice balances out the slight darkness ...view item »

Deceased Unknown

Central to the UK techno scene since the '90s, B12 launch Deceased Unknown, their latest EP. Recently making new music for the legendary Soma and Delsin, here the duo give us four slices of the deep and dark stuff on their new sub-label. Complex drums, organ chords and gnarled basslines lurk within the grooves.&nbs...view item »

An Eternal Flame

The style of the sleeve art might tip you off that this is firmly 90’s style music right here, but don’t worry: the standard of B12’s techno is a lot higher than the standard of their art design. An Eternal Flame’s four tracks are thoughtful and spacey and imaginative. Coloured vinyl 12” on...view item »

Various (B12, µ-Ziq, Meat Beat Manifesto, Ø, Mike Dred, Deepchord, Cristian Vogel, Locust, etc.)

Belgium's De:tuned present a mammoth box set containing six slabs of 180g wax. Peep that line-up! All tracks are previously unreleased - a mixture of music especially written for this compilation, plus some tracks recovered from 90s DAT tapes and a few more recent productions. Ambient, techno, IDM, broken beat and drum & bass ro...view item »

All Abandon All

Another week, another CPU 12. This time, the vinyl’s white, which should be enough to excite most of you, but for the rest, you’ll be wondering whether it’s funky electronic business as usual. Funky e-commerce is partially suspended for this session -- the classic drum machine beats, bubbly analogue sequences and distant sunny ...view item »


The FireScope label launches with some ace UK techno from B12. On BrokenUnBroken the iconic electronica duo express their love for that warm and futuristic Detroit sound, without neglecting their roots in UK rave and ambient techno. Luscious synth pads and intense drum programming set the label&...view item »

B12 Records Archive Vol. 2

Time for more pioneering techlectronIDM with the release of B12 Record Archives Vol. 2, which collects the early Kirk Degiorgio stuff on the label on the first CD along with more from the main B12 pair. We've only got a low-bitrate promo CD with no tracklisting to review from but even with fairly crippled audio it's obvious this release is packing ...view item »

B12 Records Archive Vol. 3

It's time for the B12 Archive Vol. 3 and I'm sure you all know the score by now; genius classic electronica from the B12 stable, encompassing techno, electro, minimal, ambient and that. Some of the tracks on this one ended up on the amazing Electro Soma LP released by Warp back in the dewy mists of Old Father Time's beard. Sounds of the highest pos...view item »

B12 Records Archive Vol. 1

Along with Orbital, Reload, Link, Aphex & Future Sound of London, B12 were amongst the original pioneers of sparkling UK techno, blending the futuristic gliding synths of Detroit with flawless cerebral jacking rhythms with an ambient techno sensibility. I'm always gobsmacked at the production of this duos stuff, it sounds so minty fresh & t...view item »

32 Lineup EP

UK techno stalwarts are Mike Golding and Steve Rutter B12 are back on the case with a fairly solid EP of detroit inspired melodic techno. '32 Lineup' is floor friendly 4/4 gear which is more minimal than their artificial Intelligence/ Warp period. The groove is reasonably infectious and would surely do the business accompanied by a strobe light and...view item »

B12 Records Archive Vol. 4

This is volume 4 in the series of B12 re-issues and if you have bought the others you are going to want this. The artists in this case are Redcell and Cmetric. This is a much more ambient collection that previous offerings and you can really spot the link between this label and the stuff that was to come out on Warp later on. Very assured early 90'...view item »

Last Days of Silence Remixes

B12 are always worth a sniff... So here we have their 'Last Days Of Silence' album remixed on CD and picture disc. I'd say if you were a fan of the album then this is a neat little friend to have play with it. 8 tracks on the CD and 4 on the picture disc. It's decent quality techno basically with rich melodies that make for a deep listening experie...view item »

Last Days Of Silence

B12 have finally got their album 'Last Days Of Silence'out on their B12 label and it's a double CD with the extra disk containing 5 live tracks. The album has collected the tracks off the last two 12"s with extra ones chucked in and a Digitonal remix of 'Hall Of Mirrors' and a Redcell mix of 'More Than One'. They're good producers these guys and wh...view item »