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Mercury’s Rainbow

Modern Love finally issue Zomby's Mercury Beats, his attempt at re-imagining Wiley's Eskibeat series of releases. Made a while ago while his body clock was all out of whack, the pieces are methodical and rhythmic takes on grime that if released at the time may have shifted the course of grime. We think that is what the ...view item »


It's Zomby. His music is very good -- there hasn't been a full LP since the vignette masterpiece With Love but here's Ultra, a record that promises knockout collaborations with artists including HKE, Rezzett and dubstep whisperer ...view item »

Where Were U In '92?

This album is certainly different than Zomby's other releases and it's meant to be. This is a tribute to early 90s house and the rave scene and it's a thrilling tribute at that. If you're into dance music from that era then you should absolutely check this out, but fans of more upbeat dub-step should dig this too. If you're not into the dancey, ...view item »


Hot on the heels of his impressive 'Ultra' album this three tracker from Zomby explores a more hardware driven sound, eschewing saturation and overdubbing in lieu of a relentless barrage of breaks and beats that is said to fit somewhere between a darkened dance floor and a chugging factory. We think we know what he means. ...view item »

Zomby x Burial

2 of electronic bass music’s most illustrious anonymous producers (although they aren’t really anonymous anymore) put their heads together at last for this collaboration. Zomby and Burial both know how to make the darkness ripple, and Sweets is bound to entrance plenty of heads. Limited edit...view item »

Wiley and Zomby
Step 2001

Long-term premium grime MC Wiley has his ‘Step 20’ track reworked by the younger (but still firmly established) producer Zomby, who turns it into Step 2001. Wiley’s ever glorious flow (“I’m a chicken and pasta man /I like rice / Basmati”) is kept fron...view item »

Let's Jam EP1

XL have gone all crazy and are allowing Zomby to release two EPs at exactly the same time. Whatever next? This is the first one. I can only assume it’s XL’s attempt to out-do Zomby’s previous highly regarded labels Hyperdub and 4AD...view item »

Let's Jam EP2

XL have gone all crazy and are allowing Zomby, to release two EPs at the same time. Why? Just because they can. This is the second one. I can only assume it’s XL’s attempt to out-do Zomby’s previous highly regarded labels Hyperdub and 4AD. ...view item »

Natalia's Song

I personally loved this track the very first time I heard it... On Zombies 'Dedication', which for me was an otherwise unmemorable album. It's one of those hypnotic, repetitive tracks that splutters along, with just enough detail and character to keep you engaged. It has a lovely stuttering vocal hook, sat above quite an old-school sound. It cou...view item »

With Love

At last. When embarking on a reviewing marathon, it’s a challenge enough to try find a record you actually like. Phil has just wandered over with the new Zomby record. It’s a double album, 33 tracks and I have...what? 30 minutes to dissect it and tell you all about it. Luckily, my job has been made...view item »

One Foot Ahead of the Other

Whoop whoop, time for a new Zomby! I had absolutely no idea he had something new coming out so the sight of a new double 12" on Ramp with a whole nine tracks on it was a wonderful thing. Title track 'One Foot Ahead of the Other' immediately sets the tone for this release as being one of his more 8-bit, with a synth sound something like a G...view item »

A Devil Lay Here

I'm really intrigued by this new Zomby material. Especially curious as to why old ethereal cathedral 4AD have signed him! That is until I heard 'Natalia's Song' which is a lush, pretty thing. As is this, a heavyweight collectors sampler with two mesmerising upfront cuts. His trademark android synths still twinkle and fizz distinctively and excit...view item »


He's most definitely got a bit of a magic touch about him this feller. From the finger clicks, gunshot explosions and haunting synths of the opener 'Witch Hunt', you know you're in unique territory. The delectable 'Natalia's Song' is a post-Burial slice of chimerical wonder that sets the stall so high that much of...view item »


I've been excited about this Zomby double 12" pack on Hyperdub for quite a while and it was in the office for but a few seconds before it was pumping out disorientating electroid emissions into our mind funnels. I read some of his posts, and some of the posts about him, on a dubstep forum a little while back and he's either an epic twat or ...view item »

Mu5h/ Spliff Dub (Rustie Rmx)

Zomby restores my faith in electronica & dubstep with a double header on the esteemed Hyperdub. 'Mush' is a brooding roller with technoid beats, digital dub sympathies & the feel of a tragic epic (synthesised strings cavorting with a broken robot's weeping 8-bit soul) dragging tears into your eye ducts, this all condensed into a genre busting mas...view item »

Digital Flora

Got a surprise Zomby 10" in hot on the heels of the 'One Foot Ahead Of The Other'. 'Digital Flora' as in apt title as this is quite a beautiful little tune and feels at first to be more organic, that is until his trademark bleeps enter the mix. It's quite a heady, hypnotic track with bittersweet melody that'll have you crying a tear of joy at ...view item »

Joker & Ginz/ Zomby/ Samiyam
Hyperdub 5.2 EP

Haven't been paying much attention to the Hyperdub 12" compilation series so far but 5.2 is here & the Zomby tune is fucking ace! It's the most sublime techno track I could imagine him doing with these sweet arpeggiated keys cascading all over a discreetly banging mid-tempo Detroit pulse with some icy snare cracks & this cool alien buz...view item »

Zomby/ Darkstar
Memories Rmx/ Saytar


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