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Hüsker Dü
Savage Young Dü

Something nice for fans of legendary post-punk racketeers Husker Du. 'Savage Young Du' is a journey through the young life of the band including early recordings, sessions and live performances as well as their classic early single 'Statues'/'Amusement'. All housed in deluxe set with book of photos and memorabilia. ...view item »

Bob Mould
Patch The Sky

Now that Husker Du aren't reforming (good), Bob can get on with making his solo albums. This latest one is a result of him spending six months in solitude (a long time to not see a human) and promises to be his darkest record in some time. I'd be interested to see a return to the 'Workbook' sound but who knows with Bob. His latt...view item »

Bob Mould
Black Sheets Of Rain

Hüsker Dü frontman Bob Mould’s second solo album Black Sheets Of Rain has all the crucial Mould tropes in place: a thick and heavy guitar sound and his slightly-pushed-back-in-the-mix drawling vocals. The album was recorded with two former members of Pere Ubu...view item »

Bob Mould
Beauty & Ruin

If not exactly seen as a comedic character, it sometimes seems that Bob Mould isn’t taken quite as seriously as he should be when the heroes of underground rock are discussed. Check yo’ history though;  two hugely successful bands in Husker Du and Sugar, some great ...view item »

Bob Mould
Workbook 25

Just over a year after Husker Du split, Bob Mould released his first solo album, Workbook in 1989. Mould wrote and sang everything on here. He played most of the instruments too, but shared drumming duties with Anton Fier (Golden Palaminos) and bass with Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu). Jane Scarpantoni (T...view item »

Bob Mould
Silver Age

After experimenting over the course of a few albums with more electronic and pop sounds, Bob Mould returns to his trusty ol' guitar driven alt. rock. For me , "Silver Age" comes as a breath of fresh air after some pretty patchy stuff. "Star Machine" is in stark contrast to the likes of "Modulate" and "Body Of Song" and is the kind of rock song t...view item »

Bob Mould
Life And Times

This album is a big improvement over District Line - the electronics are less prominent in the mix and the addition of Jon Wurster of Superchunk behind the kit has added to the sound. Bob seems re-energised by the simplicity of the songs and the production has been stripped down to fewer elements when held up aga...view item »

Bob Mould
District Line

Bob Mould had a bit of dodgy patch with the two albums preceding this: “Body Of Song” and “Modulate” on which he was experimenting with electronic music. It has to be said “Soundonsound” from the latter was great, though. He hasn’t completely let go of that experimentation for this album, “Shelter ...view item »

Bob Mould
The Silence Between Us

Bob Mould: 'The Silence Between Us' (Beggars Banquet) In which the former Husker Du man comes across like a haunted ghost of Kurt Cobain, with it's angsty lyrics and rockist bombast, it could well be part of some sort of teenage revolutionary rebellion. Pretty ordinary meat and potatoes American rock that's not at all fashionable but produced with ...view item »

Bob Mould

"Departure" is a common word to use when describing an artist who severely strays from his or her normal sound. It's also a somewhat overused term. In the case of Bob Mould's Modulate CD, however, the word departure is almost an understatement. This CD is nearly as different from 1992's Copper Blue as Kylie Minogue is to Guns n' Roses. Modulate ...view item »