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Eric Copeland

Of noisemakers Black Dice but at this point probably more notorious for his solo efforts as a dissonant dancer, Eric Copeland once again graces our doors with a record of off-kilter shenanigans. Goofballs continues to combine his economical sound sources of knackered drum m...view item »

Eric Copeland
Flushing Meats

Eric Copeland of Black Dice fame returns with another choppy experimental glitch-psych 7”, this time for  the Calico Corp. ‘Flu...view item »

Eric Copeland
Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect

Hey look, it’s everyone’s favourite Avey Tare collaborator Eric Copeland making another record about rude punctuation. I swear I just saw that pair of brackets flip me off. This 2LP hamper of dancey delights is out on LIES, the home of left of the field house/techno musicks. Courtesy, Profe...view item »

Eric Copeland
Black Bubblegum

I’ve been looking for some good warped pop music but I’m not entirely sure i’m going to find it here  - certainly not from the sounds of the opening ‘Kids in a Coma’ where Copeland intones the same quite annoying vocal refrain and sort of shouts over the top and it all goes rather nowhere. Better is ...view item »

Eric Copeland

In which Black Dice roller Eric Copeland has tracks from his last solo album, Joke In The Hole, remixed and reimagined by the likes of Larry Gus, Fhloston Paradigm, Anthony Naples, and most excitingly, the inimitably Panda Bear, who add...view item »

Eric Copeland
Alien In A Garbage Dump

Eric Copeland from Black dice has his second solo release out on Paw Tracks. 'Alien In A Garbage Dump' is a pretty messed up record. He takes some samples, loops them, filters and time stretches them, then sequences to give a disorientating effect with a twisted sense of funk. It's pretty weird and you'll either think its pretty cool or it will irr...view item »