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The Wax Heel

Rob Lye, Ben Morris, Karl Brummer and Ben Nash return to your home speakers with eight mind-benders recorded in Camberwell 2010. These guys are presumably playing all the time while amassing a tidy little catalogue on labels like Blackest Rainbow, Chironex,...view item »
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Quivers / Chora

Choras side on this recorded it totally spooked. The line up here is Rob Lye, Ben Morris, Ben Nash and Karl Brummer. Cloning my eyes it's not difficult to imagine being on some shamanic ceremony or ritual. Although this is clearly freely improvised it feels very controlled with a clear vision, although what that is I'm unsure. 'I Met An Oak Tree...view item »
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Ruined Parabola

Not heard Chora before though I'm familiar the Sheffield free noise and improv scene they are associated with. Predominantly a duo of Ben Morris and Rob Lye they have been known to supplement their line-up with various collaborators including Pascal Nichols, Patrick Farmer, Kelly Jones and members of Helhesten & The Hunter Gracchus. 'Ruined ...view item »
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Goat Lines

I don't remember hearing much Chora before but I know they've had stuff out on Blackest Rainbow, Gold Soundz and Singing Knives. This 4 track album called Goat Lines is a bit useful we thought.. It consists of 1 short track and 3 long tracks which are essentially jams. It's all very freeform psych/freak folk and if you're into a bit of that you'll ...view item »
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Now I'd love to say something hilarious about this CD on Blackest Rainbow by Chora. Like it's a chore to listen to. But for experimental music, this has got me quite gee'd up. Not as much as the frankly brilliant Sunburned LP. But it's got me thinking of new genres such as Oceanfolk. Or Codsperimental music. Or someone slightly warped freaking out ...view item »
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