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Ensemble Economique
In Silhouette

Ensemble Economique, the work of Brian Pyle (formerly of Starving Weirdos), have a new album, the twelfth in the Economique canon. In Silhouette is a shadowy set of grayscale electronics driven by pulse-rhythms, everything coming together to mark out the territory of so...view item »

Starving Weirdos
B/P/M Series 1

Following up their excellent 'Today Is the Clearest Stream' cassetete for Blackest Rainbow (which I totally regret not getting), Starving Weirdos make a return to the label with a vinyl album which is pretty excellent. The duo take a side each on this release...Now being brutally honest here I must confess that on first listen I wasn't bl...view item »

Starving Weirdos
Rolled in the Midst of Never Ceasing

I'm always into checking out what the duo of Merrick McKinlay and Brian Pyle get up to, they've made some fantastic records and Bo' Weavil have just scored one from them. This is some seriously dramatic audio filled with rhythm, drone, nightmarish brass, synthesizers and a massive sen...view item »

Starving Weirdos with Tom Carter and Shawn McMillen
Live At The Accident

For some reason the collaboration between Tom Carter, Starving Weirdo's and Shawn David McMillen (Warmer Milks) seems, for me, difficult to imagine, especially when Brian comes over distracting me by laughing with a massive gob full of chocolate digestives looking like a deranged Bradfordian cookie monster... Anyway as soon as I start listening it ...view item »

Starving Weirdos
Absolute Freedom

Ahhh... Always a pleasure to listen to these hungry freaks... Slip this baby on at 33 1/3 and check out the super early 4 track recordings. The first is big percussive marching jam with steam like bursts of noise and searing rhythmic racket that has me floating above my workstation. Plenty of crashing cymbals give way to a barely decipherable vo...view item »

Starving Weirdos
Self Hypnosis

So we've got two double LP's by the ever-intriguing Starving Weirdos this week and I've been allocated Self-Hypnosis to review, although The Path of Lightning would've been preferable since the cover's got an amazing picture of a bullet-clad lady wielding a machine gun and riding a giant tarantula.. Those tend to be the reviews that write themselve...view item »