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Asmus Tietchens
Ornamente (zwischen Null und Eins)

Asmus Tiechens is a German professor who experiments with sound. He has been doing so since the mid-1960s when his first experiments involved tape recorders, electronic wave generators and rhythm machines. His first LP was released in 1980 and produced by Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream). He curr...view item »

Asmus Tietchens & Richard Chartier
Fabrication 2

This is the sequel to 2007's Fabrication release and is a two disc set. The first disc 'Prefabrication 2' is a single 39min piece and comprises the basic sound material which is improvised and entirely the work of Chartier. The second disc is the audio reworked by old german hand and renowned sound artist Tietchens. This is basically minimalist dig...view item »

Asmus Tietchens

Here's a reissue of an early Tietchens LP from '81, and it's not the challenge I had been anticipating but more a skewed synthetic weirdpop collection full of bloops and flops and wibbles, inviting melodies and kosmische luxuriance. Synths dart and bump and pulse in deftly euphonic passages which are subtly tempered by cleverly self-sabotaging t...view item »

Asmus Tietchens
Der fünfte Himmel

Listening to Der Funfte Himmel, or the fifth heaven, makes you wonder what kinda guy wrote this stuff. Based on the collection of weird yet sometimes subliminal minimalist themes that trickle through the noise, you feel a natural born multitasker has released a record that was all about doing exactly what he wanted. And that is exa...view item »

Asmus Tietchens

Back when synthesizers were still machines and computers were still guys doing calculations, Asmus Tietches aimed his binoculars through the fourth dimensions across time, to the fertile fields of electronic music. Recorded in the 1970s, Nachtstücke are challenging and reissued as pure as can be....view item »

Thomas Koner / Asmus Tietchens / Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg

Asmus Tietchens/ Kouhei Matsunaga

This record is a bit of a misleading bugger really, it starts of with some sharp thin tonal frequency which is so annoying Mike proclaims it to possibly be the most annoying thing ever then our Kim comes plonks herself down next to me and starts playing hip-hop videos on YouTube whilst mu...view item »