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Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is otherwise known by his non-robot name, Ryan Lee West, a dude with a lot of electronic equipment who makes some truly subversive IDM. His new EP, entitled 'Sonne', contains six original tracks based around analogue synths which act to create his rhythms. West is obsessed with the synthesis of music and colour which mak...view item »

Rival Consoles

Erased Tapes' cool dance guy Ryan Lee West drops down his newest Rival Consoles record! Making serene IDM with a pounding heart to guide it, Persona sees him do a Jam City by exploring the possibilities of shoegaze. Expect pedals and a heightened sense of drama as he experiments...view item »

Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is Ryan Lee West - a London based electronic producer signed to Erased Tapes who has his roots in rock music and is primarily a guitarist. His mission on his new album, Howl was to find the perfect balance between club music and something more personal to listen to at home. The album&rsqu...view item »

Rival Consoles
Odyssey / Sonne

Available on CD on Erased Tapes. With a build up to a new album on the horizon, Erased Tapes have put together Rival Console’s two previous EPs in a new, lush package. Slick synthesis and sound collage mould around crisp beats in the ilk of Clark and Nosaj Thing.  Comes in Die-cut sle...view item »

Rival Consoles
Night Melody

Night Melody is an album of night melodies, put together in both a metaphorical long night of the soul (following the break-up of a long relationship) and the literal long nights of winter. This is a welcome new side to Rival Consoles, with a great depth of heart underneath the dancing synths. 12” on Erased Tapes....view item »

Various Erased Tapes Artists
Erased Tapes Collection V

Lovers of minimal pop and consumer fetishism will no doubt be excited to pay £80 for the five most luxuriously packaged 7”s I think I’ve ever seen. They come in a chunky box debossed with the Erased Tapes logo, and then once you’re in there’s five dinked 7”s in screenpri...view item »

Sasha: Scene Delete: Remixes #1

Sasha came out under a different light earlier in 2016 with releasing Scene Delete. An ambient beat driven album that was obviously directly influenced by many of the modern classical greats. Taking it further Late Night Tales have got Kiasmos and Rival Consoles from Erased Tapes to do ...view item »

Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles next. A 7" on Erased Tapes, a label who used to send me 560 million MySpace updates a day (but I'll forgive them :0)) has fallen into my fat lap and it's a beauty. 'Helvetica' spills with that melodic, scattershot breaks stuff, dramatic harpsichord synth lines crying over playful, erratic drum patterns to make wondrous childlike...view item »

Rival Consoles
The Decadent EP

Anyone remember those Aparatec 7"'s from while back on Erased Tapes? Our Brian was mad for it bless. Well they're back but under a new name of Rival Consoles with a 10" EP called 'The Decadent EP'. 6 tracks of spazzed bleepy gameboy inspired electronics with nods to Bitstream et al. Quite crunchy sounding splintered tuneful gear which wou...view item »