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CoH Vinyl, CD & tapes by CoH at Norman Records

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COHGS is a collection of COH material that has crept out in various ways and on various labels over the years. This material is defined by its relatively rare inclusion of vocals and lyrics, from an array of collaborators including Little Annie, John Balance and Peter Christopherson. Various approaches are taken, all adding texture and detail to the mysterious sonic pictures of COH. On Editions Mego.

COH Plays Everall

Super intensive producer COH presents a tribute to and posthumous collaboration with John Everall, developed from material Everall provided. The combination of his analogue sounds and COH’s super-digital manipulations makes for a hell of a ride, and the CD version even adds a bonus track with Jhonn Balance as a guest. Combined LP and CD edition on Hallow Ground.

Return to Mechanics

Russian sound worker CoH presents 4 tracks “too energetic” for Edition Mego, who are about to release his Music VOL. Indeed, these computer structures are full of whipcrack grooves, even if they retain a stern digital oddness. And one of the tracks is a re-imagining of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’! Definitely couldn’t have that on Mego...


Minimal electronic experimentation from COH, aka Ivan Pavlov. His array of tone-producing equipment is here put to the service of what he considers to be his finest creation: MUSIC VOL. slowly moves around the sound-field and the listener’s mental space, using very few elements to achieve a great deal of feeling. Out on Editions Mego.

To Beat Or Not To Beat

Some oily noodles from COH. To Beat Or Not To Beat has a very enthusiastic air to it - even when its gets going you never feel too uneasy. COH uses all sorts of musical gadgets to make sine waves do all sorts of weird and wonderful things for him. He'll try anything he fancies, mixing low end hertz with playful synths, simplistic melodies and bonkers production. Out on double LP vinyl from Editions Mego.

Coh And Cosey Fanni Tutti
Coh Plays Cosey