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Vainio & Vigroux

This one’s a total no-brainer if you were a fan of Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux’s 2014 album ‘Peau Froide, Léger Soleil’, also released on Cosmo Rhythmatic. The six tracks that comprise ‘Ignis’ were recorded during the same sessions as the previous album, so one could say it’s an addendum of sorts ...view item »

Mika Vainio
Lydspor One & Two (Blue TB7 Series)

Taken from the recordings the late Mika Vainio made on his visit to the Moog Sound-lab in 2015, it's Lydspor One & Two. Lydspor is Danish for soundtrack, and here -- available for the first time, on two sides of vinyl and CD edition -- are the tracks documenting Vainio's tinkerings with the prototype Moog Modular Sy...view item »

Mika Vainio

Although the Pan Sonic legend Mika Vainio sadly passed away earlier this year, his busy work ethic means that there is still unheard music that has been waiting for release. Reat is just such a thing: eight tracks of Mika’s trademark audio wranglings, with subtle drones and hammer...view item »

Mika Vainio, Ryoji Ikeda & Alva Noto
LIVE 2002

Live 2002 is the recording of the collaboration between these three greats of sonic experimentation, Mika Vaino, Ryoji Ikeda, and Alva Noto. Recorded in Newcastle's BALTIC Centre, the one off performance drew attention to the noise floor generated by the equipment...view item »

Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux
Peau Froide, Léger Soleil

Peau Froide, Leger Soleil by Mika Vaino and Franck Vigroux sees the pair mixing their styles to create a work that spans the full spectrum between minimum and maximum. Vigroux creates the space whilst Vaino's robust and brutal production creates the framework. The third release on Cosmo Rhythmatic which...view item »

Mika Vainio

As with the forthcoming Pan Sonic album, ‘Mannerlaata’ is a soundtrack. In this case for a “74 minute lettrist film made entirely without a camera” by Finnish filmmaker Mika Taanila. The fact that this is a soundtrack and I’m listening without visuals r...view item »

Joséphine Michel & Mika Vainio
Halfway To White

Audio-visual splendour here from photographer Joséphine Michel and austere electronic noisemaker (and ex-Pan Sonic man) Mika Vainio. High-grade coffee-table-standard hardback book and a 60 minute disc of new sonic material, presented with Touch’s usual high levels of attention to de...view item »

Mika Vainio/Kouhei Matsunaga

Despite the fact I've always had a liking for Pan Sonic I recently found out that Mika Vainio isn't actually the one with the fringe. Oh well, that's faceless leccyblokes for you. The one without the fringe is on spectacularly uncompromising form here, beginning with a nasty bit of high-frequency blasting before crashing into a heavy, ultra distort...view item »

Mika Vainio
Behind The Radiator

Mika Vainio is sometimes known as half of Pan Sonic, a technoid sound manipulator of seriously revered proportions. He's got a 7" out on Touch, 'Behind The Radiators' which plays with your stuck record paranoias, it's got that glitch techno loop/fuzz/click thang going on like a Raster Noton "classic". Opening with a clicking locked g...view item »

Arne Deforce & Mika Vainio

In which the cello of serious Contemporary music performer Arne Deforce is processed and manipulated by former Pan Sonic innovator Mika Vainio, who also provides electronics of his own. Thematically, Hephaestus explores the Greek Underworld myth, and I have to say, the textures of this record sound perf...view item »

Ø (Mika Vainio)

Mika Vainio follows up 2013’s tremendous ‘Kilo’ album and collaborations with Joachim Nordwall and Stephen O’Malley with a most welcome ...view item »

Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall

This 2013 crusher from Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall comes back around to squash us all over again. Originally issued on Touch and now reissued on Nordwall's own iDEAL Recordings imprint, mastered at EMS, Stockholm and now with new artwork by Philip Marshall. This collaboration had the duo recording back in 2010 in Einstürzen...view item »

Through A Pre-Memory

Hmmm, this is rather ponderous, I do wonder what the point is. 'Monoliths...' was much better, listen to that instead. This album feels a bit churned out to me, like a jam session that needs more work. I don't think it finds either musicians in good form. It's forgettable and a bit boring really. I bought this for my girlfriend and I'd like to p...view item »

Mika Vainio

Vainio is back with his fifth album for the esteemed Touch label. if you’re not massively familiar with his work then he’s the king of dark sonic processed sounding sounds. I’m six m...view item »

Mika Vainio / Kevin Drumm / Axel Dorner / Lucio Capece

This week Phil is making me review all of the experimental weirdos. I’ve been trying to spread them out and punctuate them with more melodic and pleasant stuff for the benefit of everyone else in the office but today I’ve run out of all that so it’s just harsh tones aft...view item »

Mika Vainio
Life (...It Eats You Up)

Whoa! Another heavyweight sonic bomb from the unstoppable Editions Mego Cannon. On this occasion we have Mika Vainio picking up the guitar as his weapon of choice and what an intense blast it is. Beginning with the most sinister thirteen minute opener 'In ...view item »

Mika Vainio
It's A Muthang/ Midnight Mutant

Urgh, upsetting artwork! Pan Sonic dude and legend in his own right Mika Vainio's gone kinda hip-hop with this one, applying his ever-impeccable ear for sound design onto a style I can't remember him flirting with too often in the past. The beat on 'It's a Muthang' seems almost like some sort of skewed take on boom-bap while the disorientating t...view item »

Mika Vainio
Black Telephone of Matter

Would you believe that a new Mika Vainio album has arrived and I've not even got the time to listen to it all the way through. 'Aineen Musta Puhelin Black Telephone Of Matter' is out on Touch and has Vainio at his most visceral, strange quite bleak distant industrial sounds, field recordings, drones, hisses etc. it's quite a spacious album and it's...view item »

Mika Vainio/Kouhei Matsunaga/Sean Booth
3. Telepathics Meh In-sect Er Connection

Important Records have four releases involving Kouhei Matsunaga: an NHK record (apparently coming soon), a solo CD, a split LP with Mika Vainio and this here disc which has him collaborating with both Vainio and Autechre's Sean Booth. This is certainly a strange listen... The first track is Mika and Kouhei and needs the volume cranked right up....view item »

Mika Vainio/ Chicks On Speed
Flame On

Mika Vainio, Merzbow, Jason Forrest, Various
Yokomono Vol 3